Thai Red Chicken Curry


From time to time, we have requests from our lovely readers for Thai curry. There are a quite a few types of curry that can be adapted to be keto-friendly. For today’s we post will talk about the most common curry you would find in any Thai restaurant, Red Curry.


Like all ethnic food, Thai food outside Thailand is always different from food you get in Thailand. The main reason is that some ingredients are not available outside the country and another reason being that the food are adjusted to suit foreigners’ taste bud. I am by no means an expert cook. The recipe given here, to the best of my knowledge, is how Thai curry is made. It might be different from what you have made or tasted, or maybe not. We have found that even in Thailand, the food these days are very sweet. There is sugar in everything. In this recipe we are trying to make it keto-friendly without compromising its authenticity.

If I were to make a proper curry, I would have to use fresh coconut milk and make curry paste from scratch. (I’ll be happy to post a recipe for curry paste if anyone would like it.) As of now let’s make it simple and use what’s readily available in your local stores. One word of advice is for you to try to buy products that are made in Thailand. They are of better quality and you get a more authentic flavor.

This curry recipe is just a basic guideline. The amount of ingredients can vary according to your preference. Nothing is written in stone. Your ingredients will be different from mine. Especially, when you use store-bought curry paste, not all two are the same so just use this recipe as a guide and feel free to make adjustment to suit.

The long and short of our curry ingredients are down below.

Let me direct your attention to that bunch of little green things on top of the picture below. They are pea eggplants. They might not be available in your area so please feel free to use any type of eggplant you can find. The common variety found here are in the picture below. All can be used in curry but the larger the eggplant, the milder the flavor.

The green leaves you see are sweet basil which is crucial. Thai curry is not complete without these beauties. You don’t need much because a little bit goes a long way. You can use your normal basil but it will not taste the same. Sweet basil has a distinctive aroma with a touch of licorice scent. It has purple flowers and the stem is also purple. Mine looks a bit sad because it’s been sitting out for a few days.

I threw in a few kaffir lime leaves and peppercorns here as well but it’s optional. There is chicken breast meat for convenience’s sake. But for more flavor you can use chicken thighs or drumstick on the bone. Traditionally, people would use whole chicken and cut them up in small pieces but who has the time to do that these days? You see we have a carton of coconut cream (250 ml). If your coconut milk comes in a can, it’s fine too. When you buy coconut milk or cream, pay attention to the label and try to get the one that contains no emulsifiers or thickening agents. You will find out why later in the post.

Above are two most popular brands of coconut milk/cream. We prefer the one on the right. It said ‘coconut cream’ on the carton. It’s somewhat thicker than regular coconut milk but won’t solidify when refrigerated. If you use something similar to the one on the right, you might need a little bit more coconut milk, maybe 25% more.

Once you get all your ingredients ready, let’s get started. Once again this is how Thai people make curry. It might be different from what you’ve seen on TV or read elsewhere. First we have to boil down the coconut milk on low heat till it reduces and turns into oil. Then you use that oil to sautée curry paste till well combined. The pictures below show the progression of the process. It goes counter-clockwise, starting from the bottom left.

If your coconut cream contains thickening agents, it will turn into goo instead of oil. In that case you would need to add 1 – 2 tablespoon of coconut oil to help it along because you need the oil to sautée the curry paste.

Once you have got your curry paste well mix with the oil, turn up the heat and in goes the chicken. You won’t have to thoroughly cook the chicken. Just sautée till it is opaque then pour in the rest of the coconut milk. Crank up the heat to high and let it come to rolling boil for a few minutes to make sure chicken is cooked (notice the layer of fat floating on top, that’s a good sign) then add the eggplants. Let it come to boil again and at this point, give your curry a little bit of taste. We normally don’t add much salt because our curry paste has a fair bit of salt in it already. If it’s not salty enough then yo add salt, or fish sauce if you like. I personally don’t like fish sauce so I would normally use chicken stock cube. According to my dad, red curry would need no sweetener because the coconut milk already has enough sweetness in it. But I sometimes sneaked a smidgin of palm sugar in it to balance the flavor. I add no sweetener to this recipe but it’s your choice. You need to recalculate your macros if you do.

We don’t cook our eggplants for too long because we like them crunchy. Once the curry comes to boil again you would add all the herbs and turn off the heat. Just press all the fresh herbs down and let the residual heat cook them through.

And there you have it. We don’t add any other vegetables of any kind but if you like your veggies, feel free to make it your own. The color of our curry is not bright red due to the curry paste we used. We got ours from the lady at the market who makes her own curry paste. Different brands gives out different colors but if kept for too long the paste will turn dark in color.

I hope you find this post helpful. There is so much more to curry making. This is only a rough guide. I will probably need to do a separate post just on curry alone. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more. I don’t know everything but I’m happy to share with you what I know.


Thai Red Chicken Curry

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Yield: 2

Serving Size: 1/2 bowl

Calories per serving: 364

Fat per serving: 21.9

Carbs per serving: 2.5

Protein per serving: 30.8

Red curry is one of the most popular Thai dishes. It can be very hot and spicy or but in this recipe we make it hot enough without sacrificing the curry flavor. It makes 2 big servings but can be easily make 4 if you serve with other side dishes..


  1. 250 g coconut cream
  2. 15 g red curry paste
  3. 200 g chicken meat cut into bite size
  4. 80 g pea eggplants
  5. Salt or fish sauce to taste
    For garnish
  1. One sprig of basil
  2. One or two chilli sliced
  3. A few kaffir lime leaves (optional)
  4. Green peppercorns (optional)


  • Pour about 50-60 g of coconut cream into a fry pan and put it on low heat. Stir constantly to keep it from sticking and burning at the bottom.
  • After 5 minutes or so the coconut cream should boil down and turn into oil. If the coconut cream is still liquidy, keep stirring a bit longer. When you start seeing oil in the pan, it's ready. If your coconut cream contain thickening agent, you wouldn't get the oil separation. In this case you would need to add a little bit of coconut oil to it so that you have oil to sautée the curry paste and chicken in the next step.
  • Once the oil starts to separate, add curry paste and stir. Make sure the curry paste is well combined with the oil. At this point you would smell all the spice and chilli all around. This is done on low heat still.
  • Turn up the heat to high and add the chicken in one single layer. Let it sit for a few minutes and turn. When the chicken looks opaque and the pan is still sizzling, pour in the rest of the coconut cream. Let it come to boil. You can transfer it into a sauce pan and cover.
  • Allow the chicken to cook in the curry sauce for a few minutes. While it's still rolling boil add the eggplants and cover the pan if you want it to cook faster.
  • When the curry is boiling again add all the aromats (basil, chilli, lime leaves and peppercorn, if using). Gently press it down and turn off the heat.
  • Serve immediately or leave it standing until you are ready to serve. The flavor will improve if you let it soak for a while. We normally find it tastes better the next day.


If using other kinds of eggplants, cut them into small pieces and soak in water for at least 15 minutes to get the bitter taste out. As you leave the curry to stand, the liquid will reduce and you will find your curry thickens. You can add up to 1/2 cup of water and put it to boil. The carbs count given here is net carbs. Use more curry paste if you like spicy. Use less if you don't like spicy. Macros data is from MyFitnessPal.

Day 60

Good morning everyone,

I’ve been awake since 5 AM and while I have some mental clarity this morning I thought I would start today’s post.

This is the last day of my “Dairy Free “challenge. I stated before I really enjoyed doing this. Initially getting my fats up was harder than I thought but after a slight adjustment, a tweak here a tweak there I was good to go.

What have I learnt this month?

I believe for me dairy free has a place in my lifestyle . I never felt bloated the next day. As with everything, dairy may or may not effect you. I will definitely incorporate it as I go. I won’t have my diet 100% dairy free. I do want cheese taco shells and keto pizza every now and then.

Would I have changed anything this month ?

No. As far as the dairy free component, we have always used coconut oil and coconut cream as our staples in Thailand. The coconut cream has a few carbs (not many.) I’m also not a big cheese eater.

It was great to have scrambled eggs again. Certainly adding coconut cream makes the world of difference. Add a little chives, salt and pepper and you’re right to go. Don’t microwave scrambled eggs,while it’s quick and easy they are not as nice .

Doing the push-up challenge was fun.  500 push ups in an hour  I did it in 44 minutes and I’m going to do it again in March just to beat the time .

Stupid things  I did this month having alcoholic drinks ( 4 beers, 2 wines and a 2 Coke Zeros for the month ( but who’s counting ) . And all of these I didn’t enjoy the taste .(I Should not have had them but I did and I move on.)

Total transparency … No BS.

Moment of Truth weigh-in and measurements.

So I’ve lost 1/2 inch on my waist and chest. Everywhere else no change.I’m a little disappointed To be  honest I  expected arms and legs to gain a little this month. But at least I’m closer to a 32 inch waist the past few months I’ve been very close . In December I got down to 32 1/2 .

I’ve gained 1.6 pounds of weight this month while doing maintenance. Lost some muscle mass and gained a slight bit of fat ( I don’t feel fatter at all. Kauri said there’s more definition and I feel firmer overall.)

So at the moment I’m not too concerned. I’ve also hit 10% body fat. We are using body fat calipers and there is a bit of error. How much skin you grab when you click it and you must make sure you get the exact same spot every time. I actually did 3 tests and I’ve used the largest percentage as my result.  I’ve tried to be as accurate as we can. ( my measurements varied from under 8-10% bodyfat)

4700 calories, WTF!!!

Some people have a real struggle with weight loss. The pain is real. This next month is not about disrespecting anyone or rubbing their noses in it .

So why are you doing this then ?

I want to show that everyone is different. What works for one person won’t necessarily give the same results for another.

Ive learnt this the hard way. Find what works for you. Believe in yourself and stick with it. Yes, you may need to make fine adjustments here and there but be patient .

I do love to self experiment. These days I don’t just follow the herd and  do what everyone else is doing. But I do  try to research first. Funny not many people seem to look things up. Someone gets great results doing one thing and everyone wants to follow expecting the same results.

So Jason Wittrock you sexy beast.

I enjoyed the vlog , He’s a marketing machine a bit too much promo for me but it is what it is. (suddenly I feel like Cheese Wisps ..) damn you, Jason.

When Jason started the 21 day challenge he was actually lighter. Jason stated his weight for the whole year was around 155 pounds. The start of the challenge he had leaned down to 148.2. His body fat was low around 5.2%( and this is all year round.) So the guy’s a fat burning machine.

So we watch the blogs ,Watched him eat 4000 calories, do consultations, plays with his son (so cute) and shop for groceries . I would like to add one thing else Jason stated he usually consumes 2000 calories a day and he doubled it for the challenge .

So let’s make this fun I used my keto Buddy and worked out his maintenance requirements .


So in retrospect he’s maintanence is 2857 calories based on his weight of 148.2 pounds and 5.2% body fat , and very active  so going on the assumption he was on 2000 calories before the challenge  he’s well under maintenance .


Even going on a 20% surplus he is currently eating  500 calories above his recommended intake and yet he still lost weight . Fascinating stuff … again not a 1 size fits all .

For the record I want to add a extra day for training, changing my workouts from 4-5 days a week.  ( initially I was a 3 days a week ) ,then added 1 day for shoulder training .It’s not because of the next challenge. (I want to dedicate one day for training my back.) My workout time per session is increasing and I still can’t find time to fit every exercise within my workout schedule and I want to keep my cortisol levels (stress) to a minimum.

I will gain weight doing this challenge regardless of it being muscle or fat. I’m older than Jason and my metabolism has changed. I want to again show that every one is different. Results vary person to person. Nothing in life is a one size fits all.

I agree everything has a place but it’s what works for you. Don’t just do something because everyone else does. Fasting is a great example ,I saw newbies want to do it that weren’t even fat adapted yet ,over time your body will adapt and you will be less hungry . Don’t force your self to eat and don’t restrict food when your hungry .( without going over your macros)

Aslo add variety to your diets  the egg fasts, the bacon experiment while they work you still require green leafy vegetables .This coming from some one who doesn’t really eat them . But I make sure my nightly meal does .

When I was younger I followed the latest training routines. I would chop and change in the end I got lost in all the hype … These days I’ve learnt the hard way. Do your research, see what works for you, be patient and believe in the process as yourself . It’s taken a lot of mistakes and time wasted to learn this the hard way.


Acetone reading green with 6 flashes.

My final workout for my week is now done. Every workout this week was brutal. 25 reps with a light weight sounds so easy. You get to 10reps and you think this is a easy task. By 15 you start to feel the weight. 20 your muscles start to fatigue and start to burn .. At least it’s only 3 sets  per exercise, well that’s what you tell yourself to get through .

Breakfast this morning was 100g of ham,100g of bacon, 3 eggs scrambled with cherry tomatoes and jalapeño peppers


fats: 82.2

net carbs:6

calories : 1041


My morning snack was 2 fat bombs I will add this to my lunch calculations .

Lunch was olives and pork rinds and I’ve just added a bullet coffee to the mix to bring up the fats .


protein :32

fats :39.5

net carbs:1

calories :495


Dinner was chicken curry ,macadamia nuts and fat bombs ..

my total calories and macros for dairy freee 2017 challenge are as follows

Calories 2792

protein : 142.5 (20%)

fat : 243.3 (78%)

net carbs :15.3 ( 2%)


That concludes Dairy free for this month it will return and Jason Wittrock  thank you for the idea for the month .

Night everybody .x











Day 59

Morning everyone.

Down to business. Ketonix acetone reading was green with six flashes.

Back and bicep training today.

Arm curls using Olympic bar

One arm rows

Zottman curls (I’ve mentioned these before– a fantastic arm exercise, worth incorporating into your workout.)

Good mornings

Preacher curls

Lat pulldowns

Really happy with the workout.

Breakfast was 4 scrambled eggs, using coconut cream. 125 g of bacon, macadamia nuts and bullet style decaf ( with collagen)

Protein: 63

Fats: 104.6

Net carbs: 4.6

Calories: 1194

Great start to the day.

My routine is becoming more and more like Groundhog Day. Maybe I should call the squirrel that visits Punxsutawney Phil.

Emails done, YouTube done. Day 19 of Jason whittrock, and Facebook and Instagram done .

Kauri went out early this morning as she gets a free medical exam once a year. All blood and urine test came back normal except the LDL was slightly elivated (but this is normal on keto and Kauri’s only been doing this for a few months.)

Morning snack was chia pudding. I really enjoy these. So easy to make. We make them the night before and ready the next day. Great for upping your fats.

I read today another celebrity passed. Time is against us. We only get one chance, no retakes. No certainty of what tomorrow brings, and no guarantees. Life is short so make every day count. Why shorten the odds by consuming excess carbs causing weight gain, diabetes and wreaking  havoc internally in our bodies.

I have no fear of death and I always make sure my wife knows how much I love her. Not just words. It has to have meaning. I’ve tried to be the best  person I can be mentally, physically and emotionally and give back, not for redemption but it’s who I am. (It’s so easy to judge someone in text rather than taking the time to know them on a personal level.)

People that don’t know me find me intimidating being 6’3 and large framed and upfront. I also like to think outside the box and don’t do something just because everyone does. But I would do anything for anyone. Kauri will vouch for this 100%. I still open doors for people, help old ladies, even give them my seat. I’m old school. I was taught to respect others. If people are judgmental, rude, arrogant or make total asses of themselves then I call them on it. I’ve  tried to mix with like minded people. I can say even on Facebook I have a handful of fantastic people that I respect and admire and can call true friends. Friends come and go especially on social networks. Some you just click with instantly  and these are the ones worth keeping.

To make someone laugh, smile or feel better about themselves to me is priceless. Hopefully when I am gone a part of what we do lives on. It’s never too late to change and that’s what’s a shame about Grandma. Once she’s gone there will be nothing nice to say about her, and she won’t be remembered for one good deed. I don’t want my life to be so meaningless.

Off the track slightly but this is my blog  if people don’t like it they are free to leave. The exits are behind you.

Damn! Ab reminder on the phone. So time to do 8 minutes of abdominals.

Abs done. It’s supposed to get easier right? Lol

Again, I’m not going to sugar coat  or more correct stevia coat these posts. This is 100% me. No BS and as real as it gets. I try to lead by example. Some days are tougher than others but I try to pick one good thing to focus on.

If I can add  this. I just want to thank Kauri. Every evening she goes over my blog post and corrects my punctuation or mistakes. Like me, she wouldn’t publish something that has been fabricated. I do pride myself on my honesty and integrity and passion. Otherwise I have nothing.

I’m  going to have four fat bombs to up my fat intake. These are the avocado fat bombs from our recipe index. I will also have some chilli salami for lunch with black olives. Rather than having the macros separately I have added this as one meal.

Protein: 15.5

Fats: 65.1

Net carbs: 1.8

Calories: 652

After a bit more research its now 3 pm and I’m going to have 25 g of macadamia nuts.

This afternoon was spent updating some excel spreadsheets that I want to use for the blog.

Dinner tonight was chicken fried in garlic and pepper. If I wasn’t doing dairy free I would also add some butter and cream to make a sauce and make some zoodles. I also have some cauliflower fried in bacon fat as a side dish.

Very filling and I’m done for the evening.

Final macros for the day.

Calories: 2902 ( 32 under for the day )

Protein: 145.6 (20%)

Fats: 252.6( 78%)

Net carbs: 16.8 ( 2%)


Thanks, me done for the day …























Day 58

Morning everyone.

Well, I did something naughty last night and I thought I would add it here. (I almost said I’ve been bad and need to be spanked but I won’t 🙂 Last night was so damn hot and I needed something cold to drink. Usually we have water in the fridge but we had used it all today and I decided to have a Coke Zero. Not a great choice as it turned out I actually felt queasy most the night and even this morning almost contemplated skipping training. But then I would feel guilty.

Lesson learned. This is the second time I’ve tried drinking Coke Zero. I don’t even like the taste anymore.

Due to lack of sleep I completely forgot about doing acetone levels. Not that it means much at the moment. So much for mental

This morning was leg day and I must admit after last night I could have easily gone back to bed. So let’s get it over with.


I decided to change the order today for a bit of variety.

Box squats ( I went heavy on this so reps between 4-6) and 6 sets

Seated calf raises 4 sets x 25

Leg extensions 3 sets x 25

Leg curls 3 sets x 25

It’s now  official.

It’s now officially summer in Thailand and the mornings are certainly a lot warmer. Every workout my shirts are now drenched and I make sure I drink enough fluids while I train outside. As it turned out today’s workout was fantastic. Legs were like jelly by the end of it.

Breakfast this morning was 3 scrambled eggs using coconut cream and coconut oil, avocado rose, ( thank you Kauri) asparagus wrapped in bacon, and some cherry tomatoes from the garden (fried in the bacon fat.) I also had a bullet style decaf.

Protein: 40.9

Fats: 89

Net carbs: 5

Calories: 983

Time to surf the information highway.

YouTube done, Facebook done, instagram done.

After reading some posts yesterday it made me realise how obese we are becoming as a race. It was quite shocking reading people had tipped the scales in excess of 450 pounds.

Isn’t it amazing we are getting fatter on average year after year and what’s being recommended as a dietary guideline?

I have pasted the dietary guidelines for Americans 2015-2020;

A sad fact. Nutritionalists and doctors are scared to promote anything else for the fear of being struck of the register. So yesterday I wanted to see the top ten obese countries in the world for 2017.

OK, drum roll..

Starting at number 10

#10 – United States – 31.8% …
#9 – Mexico – 32.8% …
#8 – Qatar – 33.1% …
#7 – South Africa – 33.5% …
#6 – United Arab Emirates – 33.7% …
#5 – Jordan – 34.3% …
#4 – Egypt – 34.6% …
#3 – Belize – 34.9%

#2 – Saudi Arabia – 35.2%

#1 – Kuwait – 42.8%

Mexico was interesting. Mexico is said to be the worlds largest consumer of Coca Cola.

I’ve added the link for those interested.

Lunch today was 100 g of pork belly, 20 g of macadamias.

Protein: 21.4

Fats: 42.5

Net carbs: 1

Calories: 475

This afternoon I decided to have a bullet style cocoa. I know real fats are preferred but sometime you gotta do what’s easy at the time and what’s on hand. This combined with the snacks or the day  (pork rinds, macadamia and 2 fat bombs) came to the following;

Protein: 40.7

Fats 78.3

Net cars 6.9

Calories 876

This worked out so well, actually really well. I felt satisfied.

Dinner will be 140 g of chicken and some greens cooked in bacon fat. Today’s green of choice was bok choi. I have to say I mentioned this yesterday but keep any excess fat dripping it is so good when cooking green veggies ..and I finished off with 25g of macadamias..

So macros for the day

Calories 28 over (no issue)

Protein: 139.5

Fat: 262.8

Net carbs: 14.9

So all in all an excellent day.















Day 57


7 AM: time to start the day morning rolling.

The Ketonix reading today was green with 5 flashes. So again, low level mid range detected.

My morning routine is usually have a coffee with Kauri (black decaf) and training usually starts before 7:30am.

I have had three days off the weights and I am now back to the first day of training for the week, which is shoulder workout.

One bit of advice I can give for those who do train, variety is the spice of life. Certainly do the same exercises but periodically change the order you do them. Your body adapts so doing the same exercises week after week year after year and in the same order you are not getting the most benefit from your workout. Personally every 2 months I rotate the order of exercises or will change a workout focusing more on a lagging body part.

Today’s workout smashed me. The same exercises but in different order plus the added bonus of 25 reps this week instead of 20. When doing 25 reps I now drop sets to 3 per exercise. Two reasons: one is time and the second is excess stress releases cortisol and therefore drops testosterone production for us guys. So I still try to aim for an hour workout.

Side laterals

Front lateral raise

Arnold press

Upright rows

Bent over rows.

The workout was intense, especially on the last few sets of each exercise. Sometimes you don’t reach 25 in one go. If you fall short, say 5 reps ,take 5 second break, 10 reps 10 second break and continue till you get 25 reps. Remember, use a light weight–around 30% of a weight you would use to get 8-12 repetition. Then  rest 1-2 minutes between sets.

I must admit I was super hungry today.

9 AM: Time to cook breakfast. Breakfast was scrambled eggs (4 medium eggs) bacon, sausages , macadamias  and bullet style decaf with collagen.

Protein: 58.7

Fats: 116.3

Net carbs: 4.3

Calories: 1286

So off to a great start.

After reading emails, Facebook and Instagram, it was time to watch Jason Whittrock day 17 on YouTube.

It’s around 11 AM so I’m going to have a chia pudding we made last night

and a couple of jellies.

Protein: 11.5

Fats: 43.3

Net carbs: 7.3

Calories: 455

Snacks today have consisted of 2 fat bombs, some pork rinds, and macadamia nuts.

Protein : 20.7

Fats: 41

Net carbs: 1.9

Calories : 454

It’s almost 3 pm so Kauri will be due back soon. My shoulders are still sore from the workout. Certainly these days I train smarter, less impact on my joints but still get a great workout today.

Kauri brought back some fried chicken wings so I’ll have a few to up the protein as a snack around 120 g.

Tonight’s dinner was 160g of fried pork belly and 60g of broccolini.  Use the rendered pork fat instead of oil or butter to fry the veggies, add salt, pepper and you have a flavor explosion.

Macros for the day:

Calories: I went over by 100

Protein: 141 (18%)

Fats: 271.5 (80%)

Net carbs: 15.9 (2%)


That concludes today’s entry.

Night everyone.