Day 31

To Sir Bob Geldof, Leg day,  Monday and cranky Grandma. That would be my answer your question ” why I hate Mondays.”

I should be psychic I read people so

Leg day happy dance.

Leg day

Box Squats 4 warm up sets gradually increasing the weight, 4 working sets using reverse pyramid.

Leg extensions 4 sets using the same weight x 20 reps.

Standing calf raise body weight each side 25-30 reps x 5 sets.

Leg curl same weight 4-5 sets x 20 reps.

Another great workout  today.. my legs are jelly .

9:30 and time for a reward. I love our waffles. It really is fantastic to be able to eat like a king on a keto lifestyle.

Everything on this plate is edible, including the flowers..

Including BPC coffee

Protein: 34.6

Net carbs: 6.8

Fat: 84.8

Calories: 920.

Happy days our next order from iHerb just arrived (this is order number 5.) and 2 more on the way..

Going to grab a quick bite. This is so wrong;

Hot salami, 2 strawberries, and 2 rummy bears.

If I get cravings for pickles and keto ice cream I’m in trouble 😉

Protein: 18.2

Net carbs: 3.7

Fat: 50.3g

Calories: 525

Time to go shopping and also mail back the Ketonix as the post office is in the same shopping village so another $5 down the drain.) We buy our  usual keto staples, bacon, eggs, butter, salami ,olives and we bought some ham. We already have chicken and pork belly. Local markets are just down the road so we get fresh vegetables every couple of days. Kauri loves her veggies I just see them as garnish.

This afternoon flew by and before I knew it dinner time.

Roast chicken, green curry and a stir fry with eggs and jalapeño peppers. I also snuck in some halloumi cheese.


Net carbs: 5

Fat: 101


So that’s Day 31 done.

Tomorrow will be my weigh in, and measurements and a reflection on the month that was.

It will be an interesting day .. Night guys 🌙⭐️





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    1. Hi Michelle, I’ll let u know shortly. It mixes ok in the waffles. No meaty after We have added it to hot drinks. Again no aftertaste. I have the vanilla flavor. I will try it with some coconut milk and let you know but so far I’m impressed with the product.

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