Day 29

Happy Chinese New Year!

Even though I’m in Thailand grandma is Chinese, traditionally today is a day of rest (everyday for her is a day of rest.) So that makes today’s blog easy.

Have a great day I’m done……Lol


OK, I’m back, like I was going to leave you hanging. It might be a day of rest for some but Gaylord gave the maid the day off so Kauri’s resuming the duties of cooking, etc.. so I’m helping out (or hindering her depending on your point of view.)

Today is training Day.

I’ve stated in the past Saturday is my first workout of the week. Saturday, Monday, Wednesday (that way if we go away mid week we don’t pay weekend rates… smart, hey ?)

The exercises are 4 sets of 20 reps. Once you are able to do this on all of the sets for the exercise increase the weighted the next range.

Bench press

Incline Flyes

Barbell curls

Decline press

Bent over flyes

Concntration  curls

I really love this workout it’s intense, and it kicked my butt again today.

Each set you must get 20 repetitions, if you make it to 10, stop for 10 seconds and continue. Keep going until you get to 20, rest for 1-1 1/2 minutes and repeat .

Breakfast is my post workout favorite. Waffles, with thickened cream/protein powder filling and bullet style cocoa.

Protein: 54.6

Net carbs: 11.3

Fat: 1199

Calories: 1199

Last night we had an idea when cooking some pumpkin, these would make a great chocolate. Thais make a great pumpkin dessert it’s actually my favorite dessert of all time. Today our new recipe is born Theresa’s Pumpkin infused fat bombs.

These tasted fantastic. No pumpkin taste whatsoever.

Lunch was something special it was food porn at its best. Full credit to Kauri on this one .

Pork belly on a bed of spinach.

Protein: 21.2

Net carbs: o.9

Fats: 29.1

Calories: 356

This afternoon I was helping Kauri around the house so we didn’t get much else done. I read a few posts, responded to a few emails, but what was cool is one group let me advertise for our i-Stayfit Facebook page so today we have a few more people in our keto family. Im really excited about it.

It’s dinner time. I’m going to have some more pork belly and some green beans, and some coconut curry. And I tried the pumpkin chocolate ( these were good.) So with dinner done and the washing up finished. Time to close this shop for the night, and add the chocolate fat bombs recipe to our blog. That done, it will be time to sit back and watch some bad movie with Kauri.




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  1. Thanks for the workout ideas. I think I can figure out a way to target those areas using the resistance bands. I’ll add this to my workout notebook! :)))) oh and nice food porn! I want that breakfast!!

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