Day 26

If you could sum up today in 2 words, mine would be ..

Today sucks! And the day hasn’t even started.

I really love living in Thailand, the culture and the people. Part of the requirements with my visa as well as a yearly renewal is every 3 months I need to report to Immigration. Luckily we can do this via the internet. But unfortunately, the website has been down and looks like it’s in limbo so that means we have to drive an hour plus in Bangkok traffic and spend 1/2 a day waiting in cue to get a piece of paper stamped rather than send and email . 🙁

Kauri has offered to do this on my behalf so I can train this morning and work on my blog, etc.( I think it’s a ploy to get out of training.)

Kauri just messaged me number 159 .. going to be a long day.

Last night I received an email by Ketonix customer support (4 days after email confirmation.) Let me go back one step. When you submit an email to Ketonix, you have to answer the questionnaire which will help them assess the problem. And also provide relevant receipts.

So I sent the form with attachments and a brief description. The response is a standard protocol getting you to check this and that.. blah, blah,blah .

What’s frustrating is if they took the time to read everything I wrote rather than it’s just a used for a blog it would have saved  them a lot of time.

I am an electronics engineer. I also did customer support and I have checked the following, reconfigured unit and this is what is wrong (the sensor had failed.) Their email even asked if the unit was new (read the receipt and maybe the fact I said it was 21 days old might give you some idea.)

I  received a second email she had a thought about setting the parameters when using the computer. But as I explained the issue is still the same regardless of using the computer or he battery alone. The  parameters won’t effect the unit if it doesn’t sense acetone regardless of settings.

This morning I get an email we believe the sensor has failed .. no kidding!

So now I have to send away more delay, cost and frustration. I even have to declare the value at $1 so they don’t get taxed. Why didn’t you guys do the same for me when I purchased the product as I got slugged US$40 tax  on top of the US$189 and paid $20 shipping. From Thailand it will probably cost another $10 in postage  and if they send the replacement and declare at full price there’s another $40. This is starting to be an expensive piece of junk. The US$189 has blown out to $259 plus the exchange rate .. just because I wanted something to use for a blog. Donations accepted lol

So that’s start of my morning and it’s not even 8 am ..


Seated front press 4 sets 20 reps

Weighted pull-ups changed to cable pulldowns 4 sets 20 reps

Wide Skull crushers 4 sets 20 reps

Lateral raise 4 sets 20 reps

Bent over rows 3 sets 20 reps

Rope tri extension changed to tricep kick backs 4 sets 20 reps

This workout kicked my butt, just because I used a lighter weight the intensity of the high reps smashed me. Every set I had to push to get the 20 reps by the end I had nothing left in the tank. I was spent. The workouts due to the higher repetitions are going over an hour, around 1 hr 20 minutes .

first meal 10 am

We had made jalapeño poppers cups the day before so I had 3 of these with a bullet style cocoa.

Protein: 44.4

Net carbs: 3.1

Fat: 71.7

Calories: 849

Great news kauri’s done and it’s 11:45 so another hour and she will be home. I owe her big time. I’d better give her a massage to say thanks (it’s called ‘nuad’ in Thai.)

I’m going to have an early lunch (my lunch these days tends to be more of a snack) so I’ll have a dairy free chocolate pudding .

I have to admit these are easy to make, even better the night before.


Net carbs:4.4


Calories :292

The two meals are less calories than most my breakfasts. Remember, eat to subriaty especially when your goal is weight loss.

Kauri arrived back it’s now around 2:30 (like I said half a day wasted) so we will have a platter of food together, some KETO niblies.

Salami, green olives, Swiss cheese and moon flowers .

Protein : 26.8

Net carbs : 4

Fats :36

Calories : 440

Dinner tonight was roast chicken, halloumi, avocado, and salad.

Protein 52.4

Net carbs:1

Fats 90.3

Calories 842












2 thoughts on “Day 26”

  1. Hi Greg, firstly happy Australia say from Melbourne 😙. Just letting you know when I purchased my ketonix I went straight to there website & didn’t occur the taxes your referring to. The price was much better than I could buy in Australia or other places of purchase. Happy keto-ing mate. Yes and for 3 monthly visa runs I hear your frustration. Still living in Thailand makes it worth it. BTW I thoughtly enjoy you blog 👌👌👌

  2. Wow what a morning! BTW Kauri is a sweetheart for doing that 😍 Your workouts inspire me. I have some resistance bands coming in so I will be able to do so many workouts… waiting for the mail sucks, hopefully someone doesn’t steal my package off my door step before I can get to it (it’s happened before) 😑
    Your food looked amazing as usual!

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