Day 25

I don’t know what’s worse, training days or the day after training day. Today is a rest day so I’ll make the most of it. The sun’s out, blue sky, so nice to have another lovely day. I don’t like the cold.

My days seem to go faster, so many responses to read and posts to answer. As well I’m talking to like minded people and reading the latest information and links on ketosis.

Kauri’s been in the kitchen whipping up some new  KETO desserts so life is good. Speaking of food ..


Bacon, sausages, eggs, and halloumi cheese. See Keto Kop no BP anything, and almost dairy free. Im really looking forward to doing the dairy free option  next month and I personally think it’s going to be easy. We don’t have all the temptations my American friends have and a big percentage of our fats and dairy come from coconut oil and coconut cream. I will even go the no butter route. So the month of  February will be dairy free and documented ..


Protein: 63

Fats: 89

Carbs: 5

Calories: 1067

What is Haoumi ?

Halloumi /həˈluːmi/  is an unripened brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and sometimes also cow’s milk. It has a high melting point and so can easily be fried or grilled.

Breakfast was fantastic, certainly ticks all the boxes. We mananged to get locally made Halloumi cheese direct from the dairy in Chiang Mai, north of Bangkok. Certainly a lot cheaper than in the shops.

I’m going to do abdominal training now as Kauri had to go take Miss Daisy out and then bring her back again:-(

Wood choppers 5 sets  x 25 reps

Cable crunches 5 sets x 25 reps

Leg raise with hip lifts 3 sets x 15 reps

My morning snack will be around 12:30-1:00 pm.

I had one of Kauri’s dairy free chocolate chia puddings and I will also have some pork rinds. Obviously not together. Well, I could use the pork rind to scoop the pudding. Nah that’s just wrong 😝😜

Protein: 21.6

Net carbs: 5.4

Fat: 73

Calories: 774

OK, real story (another day in the life of Greg Whynutt)

Now I had to laugh at this. Last night I had Dexta Jackson (IFBB professional bodybuilder) offer to give me some help with supplements etc ..

Millions of fans and he wants to help me! I won the lottery! How can I be so lucky!

So me being me I thought I would play along and sent this person (Let’s call him Dexta) a message back..

So I copied the message and sent it and he replied back straight away wanted to know my weight,vheight, what my goals were. Amazingly didn’t ask for my bank details lol.. Well not yet, and I don’t have time to play a game of cat and mouse although it would have been fun to string him along and write more about it .

I don’t know who this scam artist is on Facebook, but I’ve followed “the blade” Dexta Jackson for years. His net worth is over 7 million dollars. Like he personally has time to write me programme, someone he doesn’t know anything about. What’s even funnier is he would not be awake at 2:30 am replying back to messages (these guys rely on their sleep.)

Now I’m starting to wonder if Michelle Rock and the other angels are real and if not who the hell have I been flirting (instantly I think of a fat overweight man with food stains on his singlet in a dark room on a computer) OK, maybe to much information. I’m thinking of the old guy in the 3 Doors Down clip.

Even worse what if I’m not even Deadpool and my names not even Greg . Have I lost my identity.” Who am I” lol

Perfect timing Kauri’s just arrived back with Miss Daisy. I always get Kauri to check my posts and see if I get a laugh. I watch her like a dog watches it’s owner with a bowl of food.. but I think I drool a lot less.

We share a couple of fat bombs and Kauri has a coffee while she reads. I get 1 giggle, 2 chuckles and a laugh so I’m pleased with myself.

Dinner tonight was roast chicken,bok choi, and some spicy soup.

Protein: 37.8

Net carbs : 1.3

Fat: 47.3g

Calories: 589














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  1. OMG you’re so funny. I’m glad I saved your blogs to read this morning while I’m sipping on my peppermint mocha in peace and quiet 🙂 such a good read first thing in the morning (my morning… my sleep schedule is SO MESSED UP) 🙂 on to the next one. Love your blog 🙂 btw I hate day 2 after leg day… always the worst for me 😩

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