Day 24

Damage Report

In yesterday’s post I did say I had one beer. Now I’m not really a beer drinker I don’t even like the taste, and yes, I could have done a more Keto  friendly option. (Usually I’ll do vodka.) From the very first blog post, I said I wouldn’t powder coat this journey. I actually felt like a beer as it’s been a rough week. The Ketonix failed, which I heavily rely on for my readings. My iPad’s panel has failed. It’s only 2 years old. And yes, I could have had bottled water like I do every other time .. but this is real life. My life and my choices.

The effects of the beer kicked in a few hours later. I felt bloated almost to the point of feeling sick. Yep, self inflicted. No arguments. It’s interesting to see the effects after being Keto adapted and having the forbidden fruits.

Monday and leg day.

Unfortunately, I can’t give a Ketonix reading and still waiting on support to get back to my email..

It’s 7:30 am and a lovely cloudless day in the land of smiles..and the smile is short lived for this foreigner.. LEG DAY.

Box Squats 3-4 sets warm up increasing in weight 4 working sets. I usually do reverse pyramid on this movement each set reduce weight by 10% but increase the reps.

Romanian deadlifts same protocol as squats

Leg extensions lighter weight but 20 reps x 4 sets (same weight)

Standing calf raise 5 sets x 20 reps (same weight)

Leg curl 4 sets x 20 reps (same weight)

Didn’t feel the love today. I still pushed it but I didn’t get the rush of endorphins. But I did have jelly legs walking upstairs.

10 AM first meal

Three jalapeño popper egg cups, plain and simple, no BPC today.

Protein: 30g

carbs: 1.5g

fats: 57

calories: 645

Then it was time to play catch up. The one thing I love about the net is getting to make friendships with people you otherwise would never have known. I think I’ve been lucky to have my Late grandfather’s (Poppy Tom) trait. He could walk up to someone and be open honest and make friends easily. Poppy Tom was my hero. Ironically diabetes killed him from a cut on his toe taking off a sock. He ended up getting gangrene and had to have his leg amputated as a result.  We drove 5 hours to see him before he went in for surgery and waited around till after the operation.

Unfortunately, his body didn’t cope with the stress of the operation and he passed away a few days later .. I was at at work when the call came through.

This is another reason I’m so passionate about the cause. All those gingerbread biscuits (his favourite), the sweet poison that  killed my grandfather, my mate and my hero. I loved his positive attitude even knowing he was going to lose a leg. He joked about buying shoes half price as he only needed one.

I’ve decided to have morning tea and I knew that Kauri made a chia pudding last night and I think it needs to be taken out of the fridge and join me. Today was the dairy free version. We made this especially for the dairy free group .

A great way to get the added fats into your diet.

Protein: 6.2

Net carbs: 4.4

Fat: 24.6

Calories: 292

Lunch was more of a snack. Pork rinds, and two Babybel cheeses and two rummy bears.

Protein: 27

Carbs: 1

Fats: 67

Calories: 700

Most the afternoon was spent working on the computer.

Dinner tonight was chicken, basil with a fried egg on top and washed down with 2 rummy bears

Protein: 51.1

Fat: 87

Net carbs: 1.5

Calories: 977

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  1. 😢 the story about your Grandpa made me sad but smile at the same time… sounds like he was such a funny man… even now he can make people laugh through his memory. I love that. 1/2 price shoes 😉
    I can see why your passion runs deep with keto. My favorite aunt just passed away recently and it still hurts because Sometimes I forget she’s gone. I still feel her presence and I see myself doing things just as I learned from her (usually kitchen related) she had gastric bipass surgery decades ago and at the end of last year discovered she had pancreatic cancer… so after all the surgeries she had a stomach the side of a thumb, no gallbladder or pancreas… couldn’t eat enough to regain strength because her stomach couldn’t hold the food from her surgery… I blame her death on her struggle with weightloss and getting that damn surgery… then, even though she couldn’t eat much what she did eat was delicious because she was the best cook EVER… BUT it was slowly killing her and we never saw it coming. Sorry for the long post… it’s just a sad reminder of how important our diet is.

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