Day 23

Almost one month down already. Time flies when your having fun. Now remember this is my journey and my goals will be much different to yours. I’m not doing Keto for weight loss, diabetes or epilepsy but I am doing this for well being and overall health.

I’m also looking forward to the end of the month to summarize my month and see what has changed along the way. Today is the first day I can actually see changes of what I like in the mirror. While I’m very critical I can see progress I’m actually happy for the first time in my life.

The shirts are getting tighter in the right places, and like a tent in bad areas almost the inverse of what I was. The ab shot is for bad ass babe and Amanda. But in all seriousness it shows fat does not make you fat. (and my intake of fat for me is around 260 g a day. )


No training today woohoo!! I do love training but as I’ve stated many, many times as we get older we need more recovery time. You can still get results training 3 days a week and the duration is no longer than an hour.

First meal:

Today was a treat, halloumi cheese.

Bacon, cheese, eggs, and cheese biscuits and hot cocoa with a sprinkle of chilli powder .

Protein: 75 g

net carbs: 7

Fat: 142.3g

calories: 1610

Time for abdominal training

Wood choppers 5 sets x 25 reps ( each side)

Cable crunches 4 sets x 25 reps

All done upstairs in the Thailand heat and wearing a sloppy joe so bikram yoga for abdominals. Certainly a way to get your sweat on.

Lunch today was cheese and fat bombs, again I’m doing maintenance.

Protein: 11 g

Net carbs: 1.2

Fat: 56.8 g

Calories: 539

We have been testing and tasting Kauri’s Keto friendly strawberry shortcake. This is really yummy, very happy with the taste and flavour Ā (recipe posted tomorrow.)

We shared a serving so this is for 1/2 a serve. This isn’t typical to do recipes everyday but this is also an important part of what we do.

Protein: 4.1

Net carbs: 1.7

Fats: 16.7

Calories: 174

Real Life

I decided to take my wife out to a German restaurant. So funny a German restaurant down the road in Thailand. I had pork knuckle, sausages and Kauri had spinach lasagne and we both had a beer. This is my first beer in a while. I have no remorse and feel no guilt and I have no plans for another in a long while .

I did plan to have a beer and accept the consequence of my actions.. I’m not going to post or whine about it in a forum. My actions, my responsibility.

Protein: 39g

Net carbs: 11g

Fat : 40g

Calories : 647

Overall close to my allocated calories. While I am usually 99 % strict and have Keto friendly options I do allow myself a treat not very often but it’s life.




































































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  1. That’s the exact face I make when I think about halloumi cheese šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹
    You’re building muscle so you can get away with a lot more than people in weight loss mode! Once I get into a workout routine hat I can stick with and be happy about I will be adding more fat into my diet and WILL be trying some of your fat bomb and treat recipes FOR SURE. I have been obsessively looking for a good set of resistance bands for the last 24 hours lol. I have no space for equipment and never have the opportunity to leave the house (so the gym is out of the question, for now). I’m excited to start seeing progress! You’re doing an amazing job! Looking great!

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