Day 21

Afternoon everybody, it’s now 4:20 pm and I’m only just writing up today’s post, one of those days unfortunately.

This morning was interesting. Sometimes you do everything by the book and still the results don’t go as expected.

Last night my acetone levels were again high (red) which is fantastic, but this morning 12 hours later my readings should have been mid level (orange.) That’s been the pattern for the past week and a half. This morning my readings were green the same levels as the first week. That’s when you start second guessing yourself rechecking what might have caused the results to be different.

This has happened once before since documenting. There’s no rhyme or reason. But it does my  head in sometimes …(I really hate my body sometimes.)

So acetone levels were green. (arrrggghhh) Sorry, I hit the wrong key.

That’s better ☺️

Another non-workout today. Should have been a relaxing morning. Having a cuppa in bed with my lovely wife. Time to chill a little. No can’t have that. Kauri’s phone goes off at 7AM. Damn! Well, there goes that idea.

Breakfast this morning was bacon, eggs, paleo low carb bread and our fully loaded cocoa.

Protein: 62.3

Net carbs: 5.6

Fats: 93

Calories: 1142

Friday as I’ve said before is usually movie day ( like a date night) we get to spend some time away from the rest of the family. We usually have our staples, salami, nuts,etc. Today for a change we took pork rinds and macadamia nuts in. That way there’s never temptation to by snacks at the cinema.

Protein: 18.8

Net carbs: 0.4

Fats: 4o

Calories: 43


What’s even more interesting I thought I would do another acetone test when I came home.  Still low level. The kicker was kauri had chips, cookies  all non KETO and still blew red. (This is 2 hours after our movie.)  I understand that we usually do readings 12 hours apart but I was hoping Kauri’s would be around the same level… (Brett take your own advice, everyone’s different.) It’s driving me crazy. The taste in my mouth is sweet, and the sweetness has intensified. Usually when this happens my acetone levels are high. Its hard to get my head around this at the moment.

Body, you keep this up and it’s “no dairy” next. You have been warned!!


After Kauri’s readings I want chips damn it, and cookies …lol(sarcasm)

Tonight’s meal consisted of roast chicken, bacon wrapped asparagus. I also had a couple of rummy bears as my fat was really low today.

Protein: 46

Net carbs: 1.3

Fat: 76

Calories: 876









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