Day 19

Mini rant

This this morning again reminded me of how people’s negativity can impact you from one thoughtless comment .

Today I was invited to join another KETO group by an Aussie mate of mine  (why oh why do I do this?) Certainly a glutten for punishment lol ..  like we don’t have enough workload already

We do it for 3 reasons;

Promote the KETO lifestyle.

To inspire by the way of food porn (I’d never heard of this till recently.)

And also to promote what we do. As some of you know Kauri and I want to build a B & B promoting the KETO and paleo ways of eating in Thailand  making it an easy option for this way of eating while on holidays .

My wife and I are easy going and laid back and always respectful of others. I never judge and always encourage . So we posted a photo to the group. It is a food  group after all. While 99% of the responses were positive it was the 1 response that called me a troll and that we posted non KETO foods. That effected me this morning.. Usually comments don’t bother me or have impacted me in a negative way  but this comment hit a nerve.

For someone to just assume without even asking about the post is not only ignorant but  down right rude.  For one moment I  almost left the group just on that one negative comment, a  comment that was unjust from someone that knew nothing about me or my journey in ketosis but more so how much hard work my wife puts in to the recipes developing and testing and giving freely.

I’ve had my own businesses for years and prided myself in  good customer service. People very rarely remember the good but they are quick to pass on the negative. An example when I was in the electronics repair industry, you do a great job the customer is happy, but if you were rude or the job was unsatisfactory you were not just dealing with one person. They tell their friends who, in turn, tell their friends and so on.. That one comment for me left an instant negative impact about the group. I changed my mindset instantly as we are about KETO and promoting the benefits.

So today’s topic will be postponed as it’s already close to lunchtime.

So let’s talk about today.

My acetone levels were mid level and Kauri’s were high. There is no rhyme or reason. I use it more as a guide that I’m in ketosis. As long as the levels are yellow (actually the led is orange) or red we are happy and know we are on track .

Today was a training day

Seated front press

Weighted pull-ups I used the door gym today and did pull downs

Skull crushers

Lateral raise

Bent over rows substituted to 1 arm rows

Rope triceps extension changed to triceps kick backs

Quite a few substitutions today.

The reason for this is that as you age the impact on your joints is an issue. I don’t have a problem except my shoulder injury but rather than doing heavy weights I have lightened the load and increased repetitions to 20+. Not only does this give you a cardiovascular workout but really works and exhaust the muscle fibers to promote growth while having less impact on your joints.

The workout smashed me today. You really have to leave your ego at home when doing this. The weights will be light but you will feel the burn and the pump.

First meal:

Kauri made our chocolate waffles this morning, ham, eggs and drinking cocoa. For the first time I couldn’t eat it all. Eat till full.

Protein : 64 .1

net carbs : 7.6

fat : 105 .8

calories : 1246

The new group has certainly kept me busy today and I’m glad I stayed. Lovely people, and so many replies.

Lunch today is again low key salami, olives, cheese and rummy bears ..

It’s been the same for the past couple of days. What happened to the protein shake being my staple lunch meal ?


Protein : 22.9

Net carbs : 4.3

fats : 55.2g

calories : 599

So today was more about answering questions. So much the day was around that which was fine.


Tonight was roast chicken, spicy coconut soup and brocollini with melted butter. My fat was still a little lower than I wanted (50 g under) so I opted for fat bombs.

protein : 27

Net carbs  3

fat  81:8

calories : 881

So all up around 200 calorie deficit today.








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