Day 18

What doesn’t kill you…

Today was a non training day in my  gym. A little bit of down time, but saying that I also had my morning walk/run and abdominal training to do.

As usual in Thailand Mother Nature always in a prankster. We’ve have flooding down south and the rain has been on and off for days. Well, today was no different it was torrential.. It was raining ” cats and dogs” and I stepped in a poodle ( yes dad joke)

I’be made up my mind this morning. I’m going to go for a run  it’s only water I don’t mind getting wet. But No, that would have been way too easy.

So I was tested today.

I was ready to go outside and the iPod had locked up, the rain started to get heavier not to mention my legs were sore from yesterday’s  training session. It could be easily justified to say I’ll  wait till later and hope the rain clears. But what if it rained all day as it sometimes does,would I then be frustrated and annoyed that I didn’t go ?

Truthfully yes I would.

I took a deep breath then  thought what is really stopping me reaching my goals today. So calmly I grabbed the computer and searched how to reset my iPod nano. “Happy days” I found it and reset the iPod one issue sorted. The second issue  the rain, I have no control over so accept it .

I put my hoodie on (yep, in Thailand) and took on Mother Nature. It’s the best feeling after doing walking and some sprints in the rain for 35 minutes. I felt alive and energized and proud of myself not to mention wet. I always talk about mindset.  I want to lead by example and prove beyond doubt I practice what I preach.

I’m personally not going to sit on my ass and put blame on my iPod or the weather to stop me reaching my short and long term goals as the only real thing stopping me is me.

As with everything in your life it’s determination and  mindset/focus  that sets people apart.

I know I have mentioned this before in bits and pieces but I was reminded again today how crucial mindset is to succeed in your goals, be it work, sport or weight loss etc  Being that this blog is not only about KETO it’s also about me”Raw and un edited “.

While people may have common goals doing ketosis weight loss, diabetes, epilepsy etc., we all have individual and very personal goals that you have control over.

If you convince yourself you can’t do something, you are going to fail, or fall of the bandwagon, Then you most likely will.

What can you do about this? How can you change the things you believe about yourself, eliminate your fixed mindset, and actually achieve your goals? Commit to a healthier you.

Focus on small realistic goals using SMART principles.

S – specific, significant, stretching

M – measurable, meaningful, motivational

A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented

R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented

T – time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable

Set a specific, realistic goal that can be measure within a time frame.

If it’s weight loss remember some of us gained weight over decades (been there), so set realistic small term goals but have one long term goal. Be grateful for pounds lost as a total. Remember weight loss is not linear. I have to keep saying this. And don’t compare your weight loss journey to others.. this is your journey it’s specific to you.

I want to lose a specific (but realistic) amount of weight within a certain timeframe and what do I need to do to get me there?

Boring bits..

Acetone reading were again high last night. This morning again high range (yellow). What was interesting Kauri’s  reading las night were yellow high range mid levels but today for her this mornings reading were red (high level) … I’ve seen other documents about Ketonix and I do agree that as a visual guide to if you are or are not in ketosis. It’s great .. I still think it could be greatly improved .

10 am .

Todays breakfast was ham, eggs, cheese biscuits and bullet style cocoa.

Protein : 29.2

net carbs : 5.9

fat : 80.8

calories : 859

I’m just listening to another Dr. Stephen PHinnay’s Lecture  that was suggested by Mike. The more I listen to Phinney, I think he’s on the ball.

I had a treat for morning tea. I got to try Kauri’s  KETO cheesecake. Wow , are you guys in for a treat …Special K is a dessert queen.

I had half a glass and 2 rummy bears. The things I do for the group literally forcing each heavenly mouthful time after time for a blog. Morning snack macros;

Protein : 3.4

net carbs :3

fat : 39.1

calories 371

Abdominal training ..

My brother-in-law had a door gym and as usual had a compulsive buy and never used it. We set it upstairs it’s great for light workouts or abdominal training. It’s fantastic .

Woodchoppers 5x 20 reps

Cable crunches 5x 20.(you can actually target each side of the obliques )

Lying leg raises 4x 15


Lunch was the same simplicity as yesterday.

Salami, cheese and olives.


Protein : 22.4

net carbs : 4.1

fats : 32.8

calories : 400

Dinner tonight

Roast chicken, Chinese broccoli stems in butter, 2x Babybel cheese and 1 egg.( photo has kauris cheesecake in a mug )

Protein : 47

carbs :1.2

fats : 69.4

calories : 829







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