Day 17


Yesterday’s topic was about sweeteners and a lot of time was spent writing about this. So if you are on a diet and have stalled or have trouble losing weight or know of someone that is going through theses issues, please go back  to day 16 and read the article as this may be the answer to why you are not seeing weight loss.

Morning to those who are following 😊

Last night my acetone readings were again high range red and this mornings reading were high range yellow (17.1) and the highest morning reading since I started documenting .

I still find I wake up with a dry mouth and have a sweet taste. This is usually intensified when my readings are higher .

Training :

Not only is today Monday arrggghh but it’s also leg day!

Leg training consisted of the following;

Squats (today I did box squats, this places less stress on the knees)

Romanian deadlifts (today I did Deadlifts)

Leg extensions (single leg )

Seated calf raise (I changed this to standing calf raises)

I usually do abdominals but I now do these on the days I don’t do weights

All in all a fantastic workout even though  my legs were shaking like jelly afterwards.



Keto pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs and BPC. Remeber everyone’s macros are different. This may be a full days calories for some people.

Protein : 61.2

fat : 138.5

Net carbs : 8.3

calories : 1521

I love seeing great results on Keto. The  misleading information about fat making you fat has to stop . Scare mongering at its best, people. If you go back to Day 11 on my blog not only will you see the photos of the changes to my waist in the 3 months but also the drop in pant sizes.

What is even more exciting is “bad ass babe “posted her results this morning down from a size 14-6 ..  I really get excited to see such positive results with ketogenic diets …So proud of this lovely lady .


lunch today was salami, olives and cheese.

Protein :22.9

net carbs : 4

fat : 33

calories : 400

Afternoon snack was 2 rummy bears

protein :0.8

carbw : o.9

fat : 33.6

calories 299


Dinner was deep fried fish and green curry.


Protein :33.4

fats : 52.2

Net carbs : 1.3

calories: 616





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