Day 15

Writer’s Block

To some extent, I usually have an idea of what else I want to add to my daily post to keep it interesting. But this morning nothing, nada, zilch. I shook my head side to side and all I heard was a lonely pebble echoing as it bounce around the empty chamber inside my head.

I have a few ideas today but nothing set in stone. Talking to my angels, Bad Ass Babe, the Brawler and Keto Kop may give me some inspiration this morning. And as always they never disappoint. Not only are they  angels but they are wealth of knowledge. So Monday’s post will be dedicated to the Brawler.

Come on brain..Do something! I suppose banging it on the table doesn’t really help.

As some of you that following my blog would know I do 2 acetone reading a day. One in the morning around 7 am and one in the evening at 7 pm.

Last night it was time to do our nightly readings. (The past week our evening reading have been high acetone levels, red and flashing.) Kauri or from now on Special K has also been monitoring her acetone levels to track her progress.

Yesterday as you know lunch turned into afternoon snack and we had dinner 2 hours later. No matter how well you plan sometimes “S*** happens!”

I drew the short straw and was the first cab of the rank. Twenty plus seconds of blowing and my readings were actually lower than my morning readings. It was still mid-level but not the high reading I was expecting. Now this is where it gets even more interesting. Special K actually blew red and not low level. It was actually high range reading. What’s amazing is that my macro was spot on and yet Kauri, due to running around, would have had some fat but not a lot, some protein from the fried fish for dinner and a big bowl of salad greens.

So again, everyone’s metabolism and results differ. For me it was it the two meals so close together? Was it the high protein within a short period as the protein shake would naturally spike insulin to allow it to be absorbed. This really did my head in and started second guessing.

Sometime you just have to accept “it is what it is” and move on.

Insert morning here .. lol

Lets add some of today’s boring bits.

Acetone levels were still mid-range and higher than last night. I was surprised. I thought the yellow mid range readings would have been lower.

Weight training;

Flat bench press

Inclined Flyes

Barbell curls

Decline press

Bent over flyes

Hammer curl

Interestingly enough, I was prepared for a great days training but that didn’t last long. My first warmup set on the bench press felt heavy and at the back of my mind I’m thinking this isn’t good. And same with the second and third warmup sets as I increase the weight. But then with my first work set I actually increased the repetitions from last week (3) to 6 reps. And the work out continued like that every set. It was an improvement from the previous week. I never try to have a negative mindset. I just keep pushing.

10 am: First meal

This is technically breakfast as you are breaking a fast.

Kauri got creative today. I was upstairs writing when a message came through, “Pancakes done.” Not only done but she made them square. we had square pancakes, square eggs and sausages. Nothing say I love you more than square pancakes. Well, maybe bacon roses but that’s another story. This is what you call 3 square meals…😜

Protein: 49.8

Fat: 121.1

Nett carb: 8.6

Calories:  1321

Fun fact: This breakfast would actually be Kauri’s macro allowance for the whole day.

Cup of tea in hand, now it’s time to get serious.

I was talking to Bad Ass Babe this morning. (I check on Angels every morning.) We were having a lovely talk and fasting came up.

So what are the benefits of fasting in relation to a ketogenic diet? Keto Kop, you are not allowed to answer because you would know the answer to this.

I’ll add the link below and let’s see how much you know on the benefits of fasting.

The many benefits including… and… not to mention… Come on! Like you thought I would just add them so you wouldn’t have to open the link .. lol.

Intermitten fasting or fasting in general is part of the ketogenic culture. So many benefits that can’t be dismissed. Just remember, you need to be keto adapted before attempting fasting. Over time, fasting for some is a natural transition as hunger subsides.

There are different intermittent fasting techniques.

We have traditional 16/8 style fast. You fast for 18 hours and your eating window is 8 hours. I do personally use this one. My last meal is done by 6 pm at night and my next meal is at 10 am the next morning. My goal isn’t weight loss but I us it for … again, open the link…🙃

This way I can consume my macro nutrients within the time frame. I train in a fasted state and this has no adverse effect on my strength or stamina.

We then have the Bad Ass Babe style intermittent fast. This is usually 18/6 but I have seen even less ratio like 20/4. This is great for women who has a low caloric intake running at a deficit or wishing to consume one large to meet their requirements.

Thirdly, we have a whole day fast. This is typically one day on, one day off and there are many variations of it.

I will cover long fasts another time as this is another can of worms and more like a boxing match. In the red corner we have Dr. Fung and the blue corner, Dr. Phinnay.

Lunch consists of jalapeño popper egg cups, chocolate teddies and gummies.


Protein: 44

Carbs: (nett): 2.3

Fat: 79.5

Calories: 872

After this fantastic lunch I saw a great post from another keto group regarding Dr. Phinnay. Ironically they were discussing the same controversial topic with intermittent fasting that I spoken about earlier between Dr. Fung and Dr. Phinnay. There is also a link to Dr. Phinnay workshop.

The next few hours didn’t go as planned. Somehow the article I wrote didn’t save and went MIA. Within the help of Special K we had to rewrite this whole article again.

So much work but thankfully most of what I wrote is here,

Dinner time

Dinner was roast chicken, macadamia nuts, bok choi with butter and

babble cheese. Simple but it worked well.

Protein: 28.6

Fat: 62.3

Carbs: 1

Calories: 68.3


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