Day 14.

TGIF everybody 

Morning Angels(and others to my blog.)

Friday the 13th!

I remember when Friday the 13 th came around as a kid and the television stations would have a horror movie marathon running. That evening I would beg mum to stay up all night  so I could watch the movies. So funny as a 13 year old watching under the blanket like being covered is going to save you by a knife wielding maniac. It must have worked somewhere as every kid did it. Any noise out of the ordinary under the blanket you went,  safe and protected ..

Maybe that’s why in ghost movies they pull the blankets off the kids.

Holy crap! I’ve just worked it out!

So today I want to discuss macros. I’ve seen many posts of recent asking what’s more important calories or percentages?

This  really is a trick question as for  a “ketogenic diet ” you need both, not only do you need  to know how many calories per day but you also you need to know the percentage of each macro nutrient ( which will be in grams)  proteins, fats and carbs. It all goes hand in hand.

Macros 101 :

What are macros? What are they important? Why do I need them? And how do I calculate them?

I’m glad you asked. There will be a macro calculator at the bottom to make this easier just type in the requirements .

What is BMR? How does this effect macros?

BMR ( basal metabolic rate ) This is the number of calories required for your body to support vital functions. This is the basic amount of energy your body needs to maintain its most basic functions (heart beating , breathing, etc.) We need to work out your individual BMR to calculate macros using  the formula below  (remember you don’t need to do this as there is a macro calculator below.)

If your obese this formula will overestimate your BMR, likewise if you are lean the formulas will underestimate your BMR.

Therefore, some prefer to use the Katch-McArdle formula. This requires the individual to know their Body-Fat percentage.

Now your BMR has been calculated,  we then need to calculate your TDEE.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure 

The easiest way to think about it is that your TDEE is an estimate for the total amount of energy that you are expending each day in all respects.

Therefore, we need to multiply your BMR x Activity level.

The easiest way to calculate your macros is to use a macro calculator as attached in the link below.  Not only does this give you your macronutrients  and calories but also the breakdown of how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you require.

The Macro Calculator
Let’s use me as an example:

I’ve entered my details in the calculator to make this easy. I have copied and pasted as this was also done on day 1 of the blog.  Net carbs were set to 25 grams.

Let’s break this down

Protein  16% of calories ( 488 diveded into 2928 x 100)

Fat is 79.9% of calories  (2340 divided into 2928 x 100)

Carbs 3.4 % of calories ( 100 divided into 2928 x 100 )

So this shows the correlation between calories  and percentages. You need to know daily calories then break the 3 nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates down to work out the percentages in grams.

I really hope this helps and certainly a lot easier using a macro calculator (again link below.)
I also found this quick calculator now I’ve been told  for women it’s apparently close.

For me  as a male it doesn’t work in maintenance. I’m 600 calories short, great. If I wanted weight loss, it doesn’t allow for variables.

I still think personally as a guide it may be of some use so I’ve  added it here below;

Let’s do a rundown of today.

Acetone levels .. both Kauri’s and mine were medium levels (so yellow flashing.) Kauri’s readings last night and this morning were both higher than mine so maybe I could have had that beer after all lol. (the brawler will love this.)  And this again shows everyone’s metabolism is different.

It’s my second non training day with the weights, but I will be doing abdominal exercises and also go for a 45 minute walk or do some HIIT training.

Breakfast ..10 am

I love these jalapeño popper egg cups I wish these were our own recipe but is a rock star..

Protein : 33.8

Fat : 118.1

Net carbs : 3

Calories : 1217

Abdominal workout today was a quick one, wood choppers 4 sets of 20, cable crunches 4 sets of 20 and 3 sets of planks all done upstairs in the heat, Bikram style. I certainly got my sweat on.

Decided to have a Keto-fied snack. Pork crackling, and fat bombs (call security!!  lockdown! I’ve had a Fat Bomb. Time to get escorted out of the building!) Maybe I get off with a warning this time 😏

Protein : 17:4

Fats : 43.4

Net carbs : 1

Calories : 454

Kauri is the designated taxi driver so she had to drive her mum around (more like driving Miss Daisy) so I will wait to have a late lunch with her today. It saddens me to see Kauri have to drive her mum everywhere, but it saddens me even more to see my wife bring her back….. 🙁

Lunch today will be left overs from last night the ka-moo (roast pork), gang Keo wan luke chin pla (curry  green sweet tiny pieces fish.)  Who said you don’t learn on this site…lol

Lunch ended up being afternoon tea around 3:30 pm.

We had the roast pork and green curry.

Protein: 17.5

Fat: 45.5

Net carbs: 1.8

CalorieS: 513

Dinner tonight was a shake, due to the late lunch, consisted of coconut cream, avocado, vanilla protein powder, coffeee, cocoa powder, cinnamon and water blended with ice. I also had one lonely pork chop heated up in the air fryer. A really sad day for cooks everywhere. So even with a change to our routine we still managed to get daily requirements.

Protein: 52.7g

Carbs: 3.1 g

Fat:  60.7 g

Calories: 765

Have a great night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite and and no matter what you do, don’t let the ghosts pinch your blanket 👻

PS: Jason sends his regards.

Happy Friday the  13th. 👻💀😱

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  1. Hahaha loved the read as usual Charlie 😋 Loved the macro info, very helpful.
    The blanket partnin the beginning had me laughing!!! Then you busted out the mother in-law joke! Great end to my night… hahahah. (night meaning morning since it’s already almost 4am!

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