Day 13 

Waking up this morning to sunshine. Going to be another lovely day in paradise.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for this blog is thunderstorms… annoyance level high with the high chance of rage!

Firstly, good morning angels. Keto Kop, Nigella, Bad Ass Babe and ” The Brawler”..

So without further ado let’s open up today’s can of worms… In Australia there’s a well known radio and television host Derryn Hinch. I’ve added a parody below;

In the famous words of Derryn Hinch,

I absolutely love Keto and the support that “most “admins give.. and  I’ve been fortunate enough to be mentored by  one of the best. So it’s great to see fresh faces join the groups. The “newbies”, raw, untouched, ready to be molded ..MWWUUAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!

I’ve joined a few groups of late (and left a few)  and I have to say the Admins are fantastic as a rule. They go out of their way to welcome you, point you in the right direction and end with a polite, “If you have any further questions feel free to ask.”  They make you feel welcome.

Now one group in particular, and sorry I don’t name and shame, it seems to have gotten so big its business only,  to the point of being rude. “Read the Pins ” I saw this many times. Someone else from the group commented it’s rude and the snowball effect continued on the post. (I really hope this blog gets back to you.)

And a friend of mine also mentioned in one group being threatened of being banned for mentioning intermittent fasting rather than help suggested going to another group. This is total BS. Intermittent fasting is becoming part of the keto culture weather you like it or not. Deal with it! Don’t sweep it under the carpet.

Open transparency people! I see so many pins like this ” We do not advocate fat bombs.” Any mention and you will be removed as this shows you have not read the pins.” What, next  call the security to drag the person out of the group? Why not name and shame as well? Fat bombs are also part of the keto culture. So it  looks like a couple of groups I won’t be invited to anytime soon ..

Admins do a fantastic, thankless job (and so much time and effort behind the scenes.)  Sometimes it’s Groundhog Day. The same questions over and over again.. I can totally relate as I did customer service for years.. and yes it can be repetitive but this is part of your job as support. You are in a supporting role.

So to the admins that think they are too good and it’s business as usual, either have a pre-written statement or comment, make it pleasant. Not only does it make the individual feel welcome, it stops the backlash from the members. And if comments like “Read the pins.” and  you post things like tough love about sugar cravings, either show some empathy to a degree or  leave admin! A friend from another group told me some admins openly talk about being hated and you wonder why. Are you so set in  your ways that you have tunnel vision ?

Don’t scare someone off a group to make yourself look good. These are real people with real issues looking for guidance not just a number. And if you have a personal dislike or a grudge or make it personal you should not be commenting on that person’s post. Be professional. And for god sake LIGHTEN UP!  Have a sense of humour.

My good friend Keto Kop, I’ll be honest we had a lengthy discussion.  The first time we spoke privately. How we, as individuals, do Keto. At no time was there any disrespect and I would say she is loved by many. She can be tough but fair and stands her ground but compassionate without fault and hilariously  funny. Even today she took on someone to help where others would leave them to the wolves, or be someone else problem. To me this is the admin I want to be part of. This is the gold standard of admin.
I was actually asked to be part of admin in a group but as I still have a lot to learn I passed but Keto Kop is the level one day I hope to achieve. You really do set the bar high. I know you don’t like to be in the limelight but seriously you do an amaizing job.

So in closing this rant, as admin, be supportive, help those who want to be helped. You may know more than most of us but present it in a positive manner. Don’t be rude to make yourself feel better (or even worse you feel attacked then go back and attack them back. ) If you are narrow minded, think of people as flowers. Care for, nurture and watch them grow. All tough love does is destroy their confidence and they shrivel up inside. Be mindful of that. Thankfully this is a minority.

There are many groups out there with great admins and support. Find the one that suites you that gives you confidence in being yourself.

OK, quick rundown today;

Acetone level yellow 4th morning in a row), Kauri also yellow.

Today’s pre breakfast cocktail  ACV+ CREATINE + H2O ( no more BCAA.)

10 am, first meal:

Sausages, eggs paleo low carb bread with lashing of butter and Vegemite (I’m an Aussie, after all.) and bullet-style cocoa.

Protein: 45.5

Fat : 139.4

Net carbs 3.1

Calories 1478

So almost half my calories and macros. I do like a large meal to break the fast. I never feel bloated or stuffed.  Eat till satisfied!

We are planning to go to the movies today so lunch will be my movie staple of salami chips, macadamia nuts and either protein shake or BPC. This will take us through to dinner.

So, if you’re in Thailand and at a shopping complex, see a 6 foot 3 blond haired brown eyed Farang ( foreigner)  and see the bag shown below, say Hi, it might be me

So for the salami and macadamia nuts ( I didn’t end up taking a drink as I wanted to take Kauri out for dinner.)

Protein :16.6

Fat :44.5

Carbs 1

Calories : 474

With the movie done, it was around 4: 30 so we went  to a restaurant that’s on the river.

We had roast pork seasoned with five-spice, fried snakehead fish, and green curry.

The pork was massive. I ate about half and Kauri had half the fish and we had some soup.

With a beer for Kauri and a bottled water for me the cost of the meal was around $25.00 but the company was priceless.

No bad at all and we will use this for meals tomorrow.

My calories were roughly;

Protein  37

Fat 60

Carbs 2

calories 700

So under macros which is fine.

A  great afternoon. I  didn’t run, didn’t train but spent quality time with my wife at the end of the day. This is what matters most.

Life is about balance.

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    1. Hi Allen, Thank you. I’ve actually been doing keto since Aug 2016 but decided to blog this year’s journey as I have fantastic results. Would love to hear how you progress.

  1. Unfortunately there’s quite a few like that now. God help you if you mention fat bombs, bulletproof coffee or diet drinks…’ll be skinned alive lol. Funnily enough I haven’t found the love on the Aussie pages either 😕

    Still waiting on that red curry recipe……fading away lol

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