Day 12

With yesterday’s post behind me, now back to normality.  Well, as normal as I can be…lol

In my defense, I did say I get dangerous when I’m bored ….

I was reminded this morning of how easily things can be easily misunderstood in the form of text, not to mention auto correct … I do prefer to deal with people either face to face or via the phone…. OMG!!!!!

Maybe it’s all the years in technical support. I Remember many times during lunch you would see groups of people at the tables and everyone, me included, was on the phone. Society seems  to be moving at such a rapid pace, there’s no time for chit chat.

So it’s now Communication by text  only…

We did have a break in the weather this morning .. Clouds started to dissipate and the sun poked its head around the clouds to say Hi. It was short lived. The sun’s decided to play hide and seek … He’s really good at it  btw..

This morning was good. My levels of acetone last week were usually low range (green.) This week’s morning readings have all been in the mid range (yellow.)  So that’s a positive visual that I’m doing this right .. Even if I have Keto pancakes, waffles and fat bombs and jalepino popper cups and cheese (not really a big cheese eater) Carbs are no longer my fuel source.

My night readings have been in the red zone. This is high acetone levels (I virtually don’t need to test it. I have the sweet taste in my mouth and it’s sweeter at night almost like stevia taste.  Even water is sweet to drink … crazy …

(Even kauri is trying it to see how her levels change.)

So pre-workout drink taken BCAA + ACV + H2O .. it looks more impressive.

And my branch chain ameno acid is now finished. As stated in an earlier post, this suppliment isn’t required as you get it from meats, fish, eggs, etc, but I just wanted to use it up. So I won’t be purchasing any more …


Today is traditionally shoulder day, my third and final workout of the week ..and the second shoulder workout since my injury.

Seated front press
Weighted pull-ups wide
Skull crushers
Lateral raise
Bent over rows and
Rope tricep extension ..

It was a great workout, I also have Kauri train with me. She’s a bad ass babe …

10 am and time for the first meal…

While the Keto purists see Keto as just fuel, we do have a love of cooking  as you guys know. So as with everything we do we like to make it fun..

Now, we do both cook but Kauri does do most of the cooking. It is a cultural thing as well, plus the kitchen space is small.. Another reason why we are looking at building a homesta /Bed and Breakfast ..

So while I’m writing this blog my superhero of a wife was making pumpkin spice waffles.

We have bacon, eggs, pumpkin spiced waffles with thickened cream and protein powder.

And I actually had bullet style coffee today as this meal is high on the carb side.  Today no cocoa with cream  my drink of choice… sorry Kristen.🙃

Protein : 67.7

Net carbs : 10

Fat : 120

Calories :1382

Now remember when I said my weight varies depending on when we measure, and that with taking creatine you need to drink and stay hydrated?  Well, I never drank a lot of water. For me it was quantity in equals quantity out.

Saying that, with Keto it’s also important to drink water. So my 4 lbs a day in weight comes not only from the food but the water. This is my drink bottle below..

This Bad Boy when filled weights 5.2 lbs. SIZE does matter .. lol

We purchased two of these in Sydney, they also double as hand weights lol

Time to go grocery shopping. We Do have shopping centres and malls. We are not hunter and gatherers😛, although we are limited for choice. But I still think that’s a good thing as we cook and make most the foods we eat.

We do go out for dinner on occasion but at least when we cook you know what’s exactly in each meal rather than guessing ….

So today we will get some Keto staples, bacon, butter, eggs, salami, cream cheese. Most the meat shopping was done the other day .. so the freezer is full.

We and this time I meant Kauri will have a coffee at Tom n Toms. The place is similar to Starbucks.. That way while my lovely wife is having her cup of  coffee I can continue writing this post.

So a win win.

Busted taking a photo….

I really am lucky…..

To take yourself out of a situation leave everything you know behind, friends, family, well paying job and you deal with the ridicule that goes with it for a chance at a less stressfull life takes cahonies…. big cahonies…..

Imagine the hardship refugees have,  to leave their country in war torn areas for a chance at a better life. Can you seriously blame them to risk life and limb for a chance of some sort of normality, the things we take for granted?

For me it was an easy choice to go back with the woman I love and be happy, someone I would never find again. I wake up every morning and see my beautiful wife asleep and I am thankful. Oh, except that she hogs 3/4 of the bed… How can someone so small do that? I’m sure it’s a super power..

So with shopping done it’s time to think about lunch…

Even though I’m not really hungry I want to stay as close as I can to my macros. After all, it is a years documentation to see what happens ..

So I’m going to have some pork crackling and some fat bombs. So this is really a snack not a meal. And I know some groups don’t advocate “fat bombs” and yes you should be eating “real food”.

I get the “fat bombs” issue as sweeteners like stevia are added. So with people that have an addiction to sugar yes it may be a problem. I saw one comment in a group from admin about going cold turkey as you are tricking the mind. Yes, but you are not consuming the carbohydrates either ..  If it’s a choice between oil that’s been frozen or chilled and has peppermint or stevia extract and cocoa VS something high in carbohydrates well, I know what option I would rather …

YET, for that particular group if that’s your stance, why  do you also promote the deserts you make? That have the exact same sweeteners? To my way of thinking it’s a double standard.

That reminded me of a story. So I’m going to add this while it’s fresh in my mind….

I love that people post photos. Truly inspirational … all the hard work focus, etc…

And I’m the first to pat someone on the back. This one time a young guy posted his results, 6 pack and looked great, and all the power and credit to him .. He even had a link to YouTube showing his exercise etc. So I was really happy for not only this guy but the extra steps he went to promote Keto after all that’s why I’m doing this.

So I clicked on the link and yep, he put in the hard yards and again well done. What annoyed me was when someone asked him how he did it, not one mention of Keto.  He actually dropped his calories by a huge amount to get lean ( as bodybuilders do cut the carbs, fats drop the fluids and increase protein- this is not healthy) and I called him out on it, not within the group but on YouTube. I got fair enough as the response ..
Having the fat bombs in the fridge gives me a safer option rather than being tempted by a cheat. I do also have different nuts, nut butters as well  and celery. But again for the purpose, I’m keeping macros close to my calculations ..

So with the teddy bear massacre over  ( 5 of those cute adorable bastards gone) and pork crackling devoured, my macros are as follows;

Protein : 16.5

Carbs 1:5

Fat : 74.9

Calories : 778 ..

After spending the afternoon reading posts, looking up the net for research it was time for dinner. We eat around 5:30 so that we are finished by 6 and that starts my fasting till 10 am. As mentioned previously I do intermittent fasting every evening …

Dinner was roast chicken spinach with cheese and chilli, and some left over curry.

Protein : 40

Net carbs : 1.2

Fat : 51

Calories : 635 ..

37 calories under for today. This was from carbs being lower.

2 thoughts on “Day 12”

  1. So, my thoughts on the “don’t eat fat bombs” and “go could turkey with sweeteners” people. Not everyone does keto to become a body builder. Some are doing it to lose weight, a little or a lot. Some are doing it for medical reasons, some just to feel better. To tell someone that is addicted to sugar to go cold turkey is like telling a smoker or a drug addict to go cold turkey. It’s not going to work for most people. It is also unrealistic for the majority of the population to ask them to stop eating sweets. When I lost nearly 100lbs fifteen years ago, I did Weight Watchers and it worked for me because I could still eat what I wanted/desired and not feel deprived. Over time, I learned what was actually healthy and what wasn’t and modified my eating to reflect that. But it took time. Most people that want to keto for life will also change. If they don’t plan on ketoing for life and don’t want to give up cakes and pancakes, etc., it gives a healthier option. People need to learn that their way of eating is not everyone’s way of eating, you need to work the plan for yourself and let other’s work it for themselves.
    Great job on the blog so far!

    1. Hi Krysten,
      I totally agree with you.
      Firstly, the person in question was a not a bodybuilder. They had an addiction with sugar.
      I suggested fat bombs helped me as I had the same addiction.
      The comment about going cold turkey and tricking the mind came from admin in the group.
      I found it absurd …

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