Day 11

Good morning lovely people ..

It’s beginning to look like Groundhog Day.. more rain! Don’t get me wrong,  I love the rain but…some times I get stir crazy and bored and that’s when I get dangerous ….lol

So today I have put away the fluffy bunnies and rainbows .


Today’s post will not be the norm…… so make a coffe, or grab a wine  you’d better sit down and buckle up this ride is about to get bumpy ….



So as promised yesterday, I’m posting a photo of me before and after Keto (I am still doing this way of life.) The photos taken 3 1/2 months apart..  Honestly, all I did was change from a high carb bodybuilder style diet to a ketogenic diet … My macros were calculated for a small deficit of 6%. I did do intermittent fasting as mentioned in my posts and I still do. It’s easy to incorporate but only once you are Keto adapted (actually, my calories in both a ketogenic and bodybuilder diet were very close to one another.)

So without further ado, here’s my photo;

My waist went down from 42 to 32 1/2 inches. My weight dropped from 239 pounds to 204 pounds. This was measured the day after I turned 49 and I had actually eaten  Keto cheese tacos an hour before.  My Body fat went from 21% to under 8%… I was never tempted to do a larger deficit and after the first month I actually increased my caloric consumption and still kept dropping weight rapidly ..

One thing I’ve learnt and it’s taken a long time is try not to let negativity be an influence in your life. OK, I know it’s easier said than done. Some things we don’t have control over and I accept that  but  I’m discussing the other things.

No photos and macros today as today’s recipe is ..


Keto negativity 101:

I personally see bathroom scales as part of this ..I HATE BATHROOM SCALES.

Every day I was reading posts about people feeling discouraged or frustrated they they weren’t losing weight and even worse, comparing themselves to others…

It’s crazy! The weight obsession needs to stop ! I’m not putting everyone in the same category but some people have taken years to pile on the weight and magically expect it to come off over night because someone else has posted they lost 7 lbs or more this week. Oh, for crying out loud … REALITY CHECK ……… 

Don’t let this be part of your mind set. Do not compare yourself to others.. Some have underlying health issues, diabetes, thyroid, leaky gut.. etc. Different metabolism. One person was comparing their weight loss against their partners, everyone is different .. There are many reasons for weight stalling…. (will address this another time.) 


I knew down the road I would end up blogging about my journey and in  mid November I decided to weigh myself during different times of the day  for a week.. So depending on what time of day, how hydrated I was, if I had been to the bathroom, after a meal my weight could vary 4 lbs ..

Don’t get me wrong scales have their place in society … t’s called under the bed and leave them there.. I have a reunion with my scales once a month.. We now have a great relationship.  I  use them to recalculate macros. (well truth be told, I’m only doing them every moth for the blog.) I might calculate every 2 months. They say after every 10 lbs.

Remember people, weight loss is not linear. I’ve mentioned this before. Don’t be a slave to bathroom scales.. The kitchen scales are far more important to your long term success.

Mindset … 

OK, for those under age, bad hearts, no sense of humour now would be the time to turn off the screen and have a lie down …. 

One thing that upset me was seeing people fail.. Now there are 3 types of people that I see regularly on the keto groups.

Those who genuinely struggle with food addiction.

Those who are willingly happy to cheat.

Those who think Keto is boring and limited

There are more but for today’s post, these are the three I want to address.

Now I always had sugar cravings as a kid in Australia. We were brought up on cereal but as time went on and the “powers of marking” came into play the Weetbix got replaced with Coco Pops, Honey Smacks, Fruit Loops, etc, etc.. Toast with Vegemite got replaced with raisin toast.  Then the drinks-Cocoa Cola, Fanta, cordial (or as my grandfather called it lollie water) and lollies at the corner store. (We would buy a big bag of lollies for 5 cents..)

Not to mention the standard cup of tea of coffee, white with 2 sugars. So for me growing up  sugar addition was very real.

Fast forward 20 years down the track, my weight ballooned. My heaviest was 130 kg. 286 pounds. At 6’3″,  it was easy to pile on the weight … I became lazy stopped training and loved the high carb food ..  Then one day I was walking up the steps at work and I was almost out of breath.. HOLY SHIT BATMAN! For a moment that scared me. The penny dropped..

The fit me was inside trying to get out but struggling against all this residual Fat I’d accumulated over the years.

The first thing and only thing I did for the first few  years was give up sugar in my coffee and tea.


So 2 teaspoons per cup approximate 4 cups a day. That’s 8 teaspoons of sugar a day.

There are 4 grams of sugar per teaspoon. Each teaspoon is 16 calories. (16 calories x 8 teaspoon a day = 128 calories )

That’s 128 calories a day in raw sugar just from tea and coffee and that’s 896 calories a week (128 x 7  so 896 calories.)  Let’s take it one step further in a year.

896 x 52 weeks = 46,592 calories a year, just in the tea and coffee I was drinking.

They say that an additional 3500 calories a week adds 1 pound of fat, so 13 pounds of fat a year gone.. just from removing sugar from tea and coffee (simplified.)

2912 tsp of sugar  a year which is 11,648 grams ( 4 g. per teaspoon)  So I was consuming 11 kilos of sugar just in tea and coffee …..  11 kilograms of sugar … a year .. gone!!

I was reading something online today that American consume  an  average of 180 pounds of sugar a year ……..

The next few years my weight sat around the 115 kg mark 253 pounds…So making one positive step started a ripple effect to my journey… To be continued .. 

The second type of people  Are those who are happy to cheat.

If you want to cheat, great!  But don’t advertise the fact and certainly don’t get back on Facebook and whinge and complain about getting out of ketosis .. I really felt for the newbies seeing the posts “Who’s going to cheat for Thanksgiving?” and all the posts afterwards about cheating. I know one group had a cheat group. I think that’s a better idea to have it separated … People need to take ownership if they willingly plan to cheat and deal with the consequences.. I have a friend (yes I actually do) who cheats. Not all the time and it’s no big deal. She doesn’t carry on about it and accepts it.. And I think that’s great and very positive… and she looks incredible.

I saw a saying once, “How can you expect 100 % results if you put in 70 % effort?”

One thing I have noticed is with some groups there can be a lot of negativity. Everyone’s journey is different. It’s not a one size fits all.. What works for me may not work for you.. Everyone and I mean everyone has a opinion so don’t take it as gospel.

Good friends that are genuine.

This is where I have good friends I can trust that I respect and learn from. if I ask a question I don’t want it to be sugar coated with sprinkles ( well that’s not Keto.)

I have great support during Keto. I have friends that I love and respect. I come away feeling positive and better for having them in my life. I’ve never had a negative word from them while our options may differ.  On some topics we are always respectful and can see each other’s point of view. We are all in this to learn. Everyone has something to bring to the table so to speak.

To Amanda, Michelle, Crystal and Kristen, I have so much respect for each of you. Love you guys and thank you for the support and friendships along this journey.

To my Beautiful wife Kauri ( aka special K) thank you for the support, the love and teaching me to focus on the positive in life after 5 years together you certainly changed my focus and mindset no matter what life throws at me … love you xx

And the negative people are no longer in my life. People that constantly put you down or have interior motives , or two-faced, play mind games. You need to go! It’s their loss not yours. Find like minded people that make you feel good about yourself and what your doing.. 

The guys above for me tick every box …. We all do similar things and are not threatening by the other, if anything we encourage .. 

Now for the third type..

I’m not going to win any friends here but I’m going to say what a lot of us think..

I personally think some people are spoiled for choice and it’s way too easy to become complacent. I don’t understand a culture where people can be on Facebook a lot of the day but they can’t type in Keto recipes on a search engine ..It astounds me how lazy some people can be. Again, this is a minority.

There is so much Keto information and recipes. Some people seem to  just want easy, everything in front of them and what their hand held all the way. I’ve seen it in so many groups. “I need some easy recipes” One site actually had 3 free books I must have posted the link 50 times and it’s in the group they were in and they won’t look for it.

When I first started, I knew nothing on Keto.  I searched the net for information and free recipe downloads. I went on to YouTube.   I found great recipes from Michelle Rock, and ketobetic Aline, and And I’ve always been thankful to these people and be curtious and wrote to everyone of them and thanked them ..

A lot of time goes into the blog posts and recipes that we do and sometimes it’s nice to support rather than seeing time and time again,

Recipe ?



No, please no niceties.. I personally find it rude, very rude …and I’m not alone on this !

Remember some sites do not allow promoting of our own personal websites .. so we are respectful of that. For me I actually asked admins if I’m not sure as with every group read the pins.

On one site I was with,   it got  to  the point I just don’t want to post anymore. The food is to inspire and give ideas. I and others have always given freely and continue to do it.

My wife and I spend hours and hours every day doing this for free. We don’t get a cent from anyone. I wonder if these people would do so many hours of charity and it is charity for nothing . Let’s be honest, not many.

I’m sorry but when I was brought up  as a kid manners ,respect and politeness went hand in hand.

Without the time and effort that Michelle, Craig and Aline and others put in we would have a lot less choices..

I think people need to remember that when they ask for recipes. We freely give so others can enjoy the benefits of what we do.


I remember months ago reading a post a lady wrote into a group mentioning she was craving the lasagne that her husband and son had and as they don’t eat what she eats she wanted ideas as she craved the food they were eating …

I’m very respectful as a rule but this made me see red …

firstly to make seperate meals are u kidding me  what ever happen to u eat what’s put in front of you ….

I can guarantee I can make a Keto friendly lasagne better than most things out their and everyone would eat it and not even know ..

As my wife and my macros are different we used to seperate trays no excuses. Most things can be adapted to Keto ..

So if there needs to be some amendment it’s not difficult

Tacos, hamburgers, pizza  so many things can be made Keto-friendly. This is why we add the posts to give ideas–the waffles, pancakes, puddings, deserts, biscuits, crackers. We are the lucky ones.

Wake up and smell the roses people. If you don’t plan and always look over the fence at what everyone else is eating, doing how much weight they lost and see Keto as boring then you will fail. You need to focus on what matters most–you and your health. Health issues aside as that’s something completely different.

“If you want this bad enough the only person stopping you is you.” Don’t blame others. Sometimes people need some tough love. Not hugs kisses and pats on the back. I’ve always said learn from your mistakes and move forward but if you’re not willing to learn ,and I have seen this and keep doing the same mistakes time and time again, you will get the same results time and time again.

I’m supportive of everyone. Every post in the groups I make the comment positive. But sometimes some people and it’s not everyone need a good hard look at why they are in the situation. And for those people, if I had a ” bitch slap ” emoji I would truely wear it out ( so from now on I’m using BSL…. 

As I said today’s post would be different ….

We will resume normal viewing tomorrow  thank you and goodnight.

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