Day 10 

Wow ! double digits ….

Today is another lovely overcast morning in Thailand. Funny enough, it’s winter and it should be dry as we have just come out of “rainy season”.

I always wanted an outdoor gym. As a kid I would look at the muscle mags and see muscle beach gym, Venice Beach California..

I loved the idea  of sun, surf and a gym…

So when my lovely wife and I moved back to her home in Thailand I had to set up a gym outdoors….

Squat rack, chin-up rack (power station), adjustable bench and Dumbbells. We even built a calf raise machine (again, we, I mean

So today is my nemesis Leg Day ..

Don’t get me wrong it’s just one of those relationships I give all I can, but all I get in return is pain and hurt…. but I keep going back …. lol

My workout today was the usual

Romanian deadlifts
Leg extensions
Seated calf raise
Hanging leg raise
Ab wheel, except for the abs as I did them yesterday.. Don’t do abs every day…

So with squats and Romanian deadlifts done and half way through 1 leg leg extensions, Mother Nature decided to throw me a curve ball.. It started to drizzle .. no issue there. I don’t mind getting wet… but no that wasn’t funny enough so she decided  let’s make it bucket down  ..

Now… it’s easy to say well I did something and leave it at I had to cover the equipment … but no, I have a workout to finish and bodyweight exercises are a great substitute.

So I went inside and did pistol squats followed by some calf raises on the steps (Kauri actually wrapped around me for some extra weight) would have been a priceless photo for someone driving past… I was really happy with the workout ….

Earlier  this morning my good friend Kristen sent me a meme about leg day so I wanted to push it today.

I couldn’t let her get one over me….lol.

So with training done I’ve just had a drink of creatine and ACV with water..

Creatine is probably the only supplement I think is worth the money but as with every thing there are conflicting reports .. Most studies are paid for by the companies that sell the product .. (like Coke did .. saying diet coca-cola  is healthier than water … Like seriously?)WTF?..

I’m certainly not a doctor but be cautious with creatine … I can only speak for myself ..

You do need to keep hydrated as creatine draws water from the body, so drink lots of water. I use it for no longer than 2 months at a time. There is conflicting evidence that creatine damages the kidneys.

But I believe with the large amounts of protein thet bodybuilders take plus  the creatine long term, this puts stress on the kidneys ….

Anyone with kidney issues I would certainly ask your doctor before taking this supplement or any supplement for that matter .
Almost 10 am  we have some French toast, bacon, eggs and I washed down with cocoa.  So I posted in the groups and someone asked, “Where’s the fat? ”

Fair question,

In the coconut cream, the egg yolks, the coconut oil used to fry it and my bullet style cocoa to wash this bad boy down. Should add also in the French toast that’s another egg.  We ran out of high fat bacon this morning so we had to use the emergency bacon.

Protein : 59.4

Fat : 92.5

Net carbs 5.3

Calories : 1118

This first month I will keep the carbs around 25 g. ( net) This will drop down next month ..

I’m writing this  while feeling quite satisfied: the meal was lovely .. I know there’s Keto and there’s Keto. The traditionalists would hate this and I get it, but again it’s about options. I would rather eat this than have a cheat and knowingly take myself of ketosis..

I could fabricate every meal and pretend this is something it’s not.. but this is real life and me putting myself out there to be judged and maybe even ridiculed  for something I’m very passionate about..but I do it with integrity and honesty …

I will be doing many facets of Keto during the 12 months. Non-dairy will be the next phase. So for the record I’m not taking this light hearted …

All the years of training I’m not as flexible as I would like so today we decided to do leg stretches particularly hamestrings..

So assisted hamstring stretches it is.. My wife maybe small in stature but she’s a power house… I love seeing her smile  get bigger as the hurts me in a lovingly way …lol

This can also be done using a band  see below

I decided to have a snack rather than lunch

I had crackling,  2 Babybel cheese and rummy bear fat bombs ( I told you these are good.)

Protein : 21.4

Carbs : 1

Fat : 60.7

Calories : 623

Just finished some posts and it’s time for an afternoon  snack I’m going to have a protein shake with almond milk, 1/2 scoop protein powder, coffee essence, and some oil, with a little full cream.

Protein :13.2

Carbs 2.1

Fat : 24.6

Calories 274

Most of today has been research and I also came across a photo before and after 3 1/2 months of Keto.. I will post that in tomorrow’s post.

Dinner tonight we have pork belly, asparagus cooked in butter, boiled eggs and chicken coconut soup.

There was also one lonely runny bear left in the fridge so he’s now gone MIA..

Protein : 36.5

Net carbs 1.7

Fats 61.3

Calories  705

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