Day 9

Good morning peeps..

This morning I’ve been woken up by the sound of rain.. I absolutely love it. This reminds me when I was a child at my grandmother’s. Their home back in Australia had a tin roof and we would eat homemade soup while listing to the rain hitting the tin.. great memories.

Luckily it’s a non training day. Well, more specific no weights..

Acetone levels were orange today so I’m really happy with the reading .. The rain has reduced to a light shower so I’m going to make the most of it and go do some road sprints ..

I do 2 laps around the complex doing 30/60 for around 35 minutes .. The first lap I did not see the old guy ( the one bent over that looks like a question mark) so I’ve named him Mark… I was relieved to see Mark on the second lap .. Raking the leaves  in the rain wearing just shorts with a belt.. a minimalist at his best.

10 am 

The first meal was something special we had made the paleo low carb bread before and we decided to turn it into French toast using egg, egg white, cocoa powder and protein powder … (almost like a pancake in taste) topped off with bacon, egg and cocoa.  Eggs sprinkled with oregano and chilli added to cocoa.

These were almost like pancakes ..we used a square pan to make them look perfect …

Protein …50.4

Net carbs … 4.4

Fat ….92

Calories 1069 

I’ve taken the turmeric tablets and I’m also taking Ashwaganda .. There are many benefits to this natural root I have added a link below.

I’ve been very lucky to get to know and chat  with some marvellous people as well as made some great friends along this Keto journey .. I just want to Thank Crystal ( we will just call her CB), not only have you become a great friend and influence in my  Keto journey but your generosity to freely  pass knowledge and to give me heaps (and heaps) of things to read  is such a gift so I hope I do you proud…. love you mate x

So today I’ve been watching  YouTube as I was sent some  fantastic links.

For all those doing Keto I want to add this link below ..

If you even thought you were doing it tough, this gives perspective.. and again shows how much damage carbs are doing… Carbs, diabetics, kidney failure and high blood pressure. It’s a snowball effect .. not to mention the toll excessive weight puts on your body. The evidence is overwhelming.

I’m eating a nut butter cup while typing. Who said guys can’t multitask
So with reading done, emails answered it’s getting close to my second meal of the day, but I’ll have to do abdominal training first. The rain has started to come down harder. I won’t be doing the roman chair outside .. just as well I can do abs inside today there’s really no excuse …

Abdominals done: wood chopper , cable crunches , planks

Time For lunch

Going to have a hot lunch today due to the cold weather ..

So tacos


Protein : 56.4

Net carbs 6

Fats 87.4

Calories : 979

Chin ups done…..

But not much else today due to rain ..

So I’m doing some research on protein and reading more info on ketosis


Tonight we had  stir fry.

Pepper corns, chilli, egg plants, finger roots, garlic, basil and chicken.

Snacks were 

Fat Bomb and 2 jellies  totals for snacks and dinner 

Protein : 15.8

Fat : fats 52.8

Net carbs 1.4

Calories 679 

So Today I ended up being 200 calories under …

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