Day 8

I was looking forward to checking my acetone levels after last nights measurement was high. So 12 hours down the track it was time to do another measurement.

It was higher than the first week but lower than expected .. around 8.1 ppm.

So time for my concoction before I train ..

Pre-training (about an hour before my workouts, I have BCAA( Branch chain amino acids)  add this to ACV (apple cider vinegar) and in a shaker full of water .. As with most things, there’s for and against taking BCAA… as meat, chicken ,fish and dairy and eggs all  have them..

So really you don’t need them as supplements. There is now research leaning towards this, but it is a multi-billion dollar industry after all…The magazines that promote and advertise the products make the products …

But … a fasted state, my lifts do seem stronger and I have some powder left over so I will use it up rather than see it expire …

training day 

Flat beach press
Incline Flyes
Barbell curls
Decline press
Bent over flyes
Cable rope curls 

Today I substituted rope curls with hammer curls… It always good to mix up the exercises or even change the order otherwise your body adapts.

Overall workout was great. My first bench press after warmups wasn’t as good as I would have liked. I didn’t get the reps I was aiming for but the second and third sets improved over last weeks (I do reverse pyramid training or the compound lifts.)

Pyramid training 

Pyramid training is a method of strength training in which you start with a lighter weight for a higher number of repetitions and, for each set, you increase the weight and decrease the repetitions. You can also do the reverse and start heavy, dropping the weight and increasing the reps for each set. Usually the weight is dropped by 10% as a rule of thumb.

With training done it was almost time for my first meal.

Kauri made pancakes for me this morning..( love this woman, no secret there) .. 

We had sausages, pancakes with butter and our bullet style cocoa. (when I say we I mean mostly me.)

Protein : 40 g

Fat : 108

Net carbs :6

Calories :1152 

After this meal I take 2 turmeric tablets with pepper …(as mentioned in yesterday’s post)
Today I was answering FB Questions, emails and the likes and something fantastic happened ..

Now I usually don’t kiss and tell but I think today some serious bragging rights …

Today I got to talk to one on my heroines ……

Michelle Rock…

Oh yeah, you heard it right .. When I first started in August 2016  I was looking at YouTube for inspiration and information.  I came across Michelle’s channel.. if you haven’t guys do yourself a favour and visit .. Some great recipes and info …

Michelle is as lovely and easy going as you see her in the videos.. OK, a little bit of a crush lol ..

But seriously I use the positive energy of those who inspire me to get the results I need in my life.. and try to do the same for others.

Michelle actually inspired me to do much of what I’m doing today without even knowing.. That’s the beauty of what we do.  If we help one person along the way it’s a win…. To see people lose weight, transform their lifestyle and eating habits, to get rid of diabetes and lastly to see people try new foods and post them and share them with others. That’s what keeps me going .. and gets me even more motivated.

It really made my day to chat with this amaizing woman.


I’m not that hungry but I will have a small meal today. We have leftovers from last night, roasted pork ..heated up in the air fryer to give the crackling that wonderful crunch…

Mmmmmmm crackling …..

So eat till satisfied don’t let the clock dictate your eating habits if you can( especially when losing weight)

75 g of roasted pork

Protein : 25.3

Fat :  31.5

Carbs :0

Calories 382

I had 2 snacks this afternoon.  I’m doing this for you guys….lol

I really hope everyone appreciates the pain I’m putting myself through forcing myself to eat these incredible works of art for entertainment .

So I had my nut butter cup.. from our recipe (I think these bad boys are brilliant!)

And some of Kauri’s jellies…..

So snacks came to

Protein : 10

Net carbs : 5.2

Fat 26.4

Calories :274 …

This is embarrassing !!!!

Doing all this typing made me tired … I ended up having a nana nap …

Holy crap I’m getting old…….

And to top it off I just got a reminder chin-ups today… You gotta be kidding me!

Sorry but these are reserved for my alternative days when I don’t do workouts and now I’ve decided to make abdominal workouts on the same non training days ……. That will teach me for falling asleep….

So it’s almost 4 pm.. going to have a cuppa (tea) and thinking about my bunless burgers …

We do make lovely breads and buns but I’m not adding them today, and I have great buns you can ask my wife …

So I’ll use pork mince, add some spices, the staples, salt, pepper, chillie and a hint of mustard ..

Once one side is done turn the patty over and add the cheese and condiments, then cover frypan  with a lid .. this keeps the patty moist and juicy. If using a grill top you can use a dessert bowl or make one out of aluminium foil ..

As we reached our fat requirement, no bacon added this time..

The pork patties were so juicy

And 2 ready to go … 

Macros on my last meal of the day

Protein 51 g

Net carbs 1g

Fats 71. 7 g ( from the olive oil cooking the patties 2 tblspoons )

Calories 847
So summing up today ..

Great day, fats .4 g over

Protein 3 g over

Net carbs 13.3

Total calories 2836 …

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  1. Seriously? I got a mention? I feel like I won a game show or something, how exciting! Lol. Thank you for being a motivator in our community and spreading your knowledge and experiences, it helps so many and takes a great deal of effort. The blog is great and I look forward to keep up with it! I have to say My mouth was watering the entire time I was looking at those picture perfect meals! You and your wife have food porn skills, that’s for sure.

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