Day 7

Wow this week has gone quick…

Last night was interesting. I did a second ketonix reading in the evening around 7 pm.. So both are 12 hours apart..

My typical reading is in the low yellow and around 15ppm. So last night it measured double and this morning’s reading was also high acetone levels around double as well… Last night was high fat, the protein I needed was lower than usual to meet my target and carbs very low…

At least we can gauge to see what different foods do and how it effects levels….


Friday…….almost sounds as good as weekend for most of us..

This is a non training day. In every aspect today is focused on recovery…


10 AM ..WEIGH IN….back the truck there buddy… I thought you said once a month and you don’t use scales only for calculating macros… what’s your story?

Yep I do and I did.. I’m getting a lot of people ask how you can lose weight and eat this way.. So with my first week over,  I thought I will now get on the scales and also measure my waist. This is more critical for my goals.. Weight loss is not linear. It goes up it goes down, as your fat cells deplete they store water.  The body is amazing: it programmed to survive and holds on to those fat cells and then you get the woosh effect. You can sit at the same weight day after day then one morning.. whoosh!! you’ve dropped a few pounds ..

As I said no smoke and mirrors …
Drum roll………..

I’m down  0.6 of a pound… at 2918 calories a day maintenance..Remember these are based on my macros ..

And my waist which did go up to  slightly over Christmas and New Years at 35 inches had dropped down to 33 1/2 .. So again Fat does not make you fat …

OK, now the first meal ….

Today I wasn’t sure to have sweet or savory so I had both..

We have the waffles (these freeze well) toasted, the protein cream filling and I also had sausages and eggs .. and water.
So for those wondering calories and macros  I’ve added;

Protein 58.6 g

Fat 101.8

Net carbs 3 

Calories 1188 

Life is about balance whether it be training at the gym, dieting, friends and family..

Kauri and I do try to get to the movies once a week if we can. It’s cheap in Asia and gives us some time away from the family.

We still always prepare snacks, fried salami chips (done in the air fryer), nuts, protein shake in a thermos .. there’s never temptation for chips, popcorn and coke..

If you are tempted by these things, either prepare your snacks and sneak them in or hire a movie or wait for them on Netflix ….like Dead pool …. 🙂  Amanda,  I still can’t believe you haven’t seen this .. so dead to me lol

I’m lucky the movie theatre is in a shopping complex so it’s easy to walk in with a bag…

I use a small shoulder bag.. (is this incriminating ?) I know someone who uses a small shoulder bag ( better)

Exhibit A

We have coconut chips , macadamia nuts  and salami chips ready to go… and bullet coffee.

Coconut chips are made by my lovely assistant Kauri.

Exhibit B

Movie snacks

Protein 17.3

Fat 78.5 

Net carbs 3.8

Calories 767 

Nice to get away for a few hours .. So back to reality and time to finish the blog post for today …

It was getting late when the movie finished and afternoon traffic in Thailand is total chaos(and I thought Sydney was bad.)

So I we made an executive decision to eat out. There is a lovely restaurant by the river about 20 minute drive from the cinema ..

This is real life after all ….

We had green curry wrapped in egg, fried chicken, omelette, pork knuckle and shared 1 bottle of beer.. I don’t really like beer but I’m curious to see. This is my first beer in 6 months .I want to see what happens to my acetone in a few hours..

I topped off with 2 fat bombs when I got home..

And no we didn’t eat all this, we will use the pork tomorrow.

So roughly calculated

Protein 40g

Fat 76g 

Carbs  18

Calories 1008.. 

It will be interesting to see the results in the morning …

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