Day 6

Morning, lovely people! So 1 week almost completed.

And I’m a little sore after yesterday’s workout but it’s the good kind of sore.. My mate Kristen’s comments from last night are  in the back of my mind drink water, drink water … drink water.

Firstly a big thank you for all the support Kauri and I have had since we started the website … Thank you for your comments and well wishes. It really does keep the momentum going.

There’s a new addition to my routine now.. answering Facebook, emails and posts, which is fantastic I’m all for getting the word out there…

Before I start my blog post, I would like to give a shout out to my mate Amanda … a truely lovely person .. The reason I’m mentioning her is Amanda this month she is doing a  30 day non dairy  no carb amendment  to her KETO..

I think this is such a great idea some folks are dairy intolerant.. I have another great friend Crystal that virtually  gains weight  and stalls because of it, luckily for her. It was so rapid and she knew what the cause was, and reluctantly has given up dairy for the time being.

so I’m thinking why not……I love a challenge.  Next month I’m going to do Amanda’s Badass KETO challenge …After all this blog is for you guys don’t be shy to ask ..( but I won’t do the egg challenge. I love eggs but I love variety.)

So Amanda I accept your challenge for next month …

It will be challenging that I have no doubt ….

But this is real life and won’t be sugar coated, it might get ugly. There may be tears but it will be entertaining.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED… lol

Ok back to my blog post.

As I want to keep it fun light hearted educational, some bits are boring so I will quickly skip over them.

Ketonix …… done

ACV ……. done

As it’s winter in Thailand  and it’s overcast and cooler this morning so I thought I would get out and do some HIIT..

( High Intensity Interval Training ) in the form of road sprints.

Road sprints .. walk for 60 seconds, sprint for 30 seconds.. repeat the process. I do this over 30 minutes. As  your fitness level increases you do 30/30 over the same time.. I usually would do 30/30 but that way of training will come in handy later.. It’s an exercise that can be easily done low impact on the stationary bike or even a rowing machine. I would not recommend it for a powered treadmill as they take to long to increase and decrease the speed required to get the benefits.

So I’m going take a moment and tell you guys about what I see when I walk or jog in the mornings as it’s a huge complex.

Every morning when I walk or run I see this little old man down the road. He’s hunched over ( he actually looked like a question mark that how bad it is) and every day morning and evening  he’s out raking the leaves , picking them up.. so much focus and determination ..  If one leaf is left on the road he’s slowly after it .. very very slowly .. ( I’m actually not trying to be funny.)

Now I use many things to inspire and motivate me ..

This lovely old man  is one.. If this poor gentleman can overcome his limitations and still everyday be out there  in the rain, the wind or the excessive heat and get the job done then  what excuse can I have? I can go out and exercise or focus on a task… What motivates you makes you stronger.. I really try to make the most of any situation. My wife special K as she’s now known (thanks Christina) taught me this and it works ..

10AM First meal..

Today it was almost back to basics ….Eggs, bacon, melted cheese and 1 slice of bread toasted.

I know bread isn’t KETO and high in carbs … This is paleo low carb bread .. It’s the closest thing to real bread .. My friend Dalila put me onto this recipe a few months ago and when ever we make bread we pull out the recipe below;

Washed down with our bullet style cocoa. So.. a lovely way to start the morning …

Temptations and KETO..

As Christmas isn’t celebrated traditionally here in Thailand, New Year’s Day is when gifts are tradirionally given..

My  brother-in-law is a doctor in Bangkok and receives many gifts from patients. So over the past few days the Dining Table has become obscured with food gifts ..

So much carbs .. and now you know why Kauri and I cook everything..

It’s easy to give into temptation and pre KETO I would have eaten some..

These days I’m not interested in carbs for fuel..

We will take these gifts  to some local hospitals ..

My wife and I love to give back to those less fortunate … We also take baked goods as well..

Lunch time..

Lunch was my typical go to meal ….

I had a protein shake almond milk, 1 scoop of protein and olive oil. No berries today

Also had some cheese ..

I also had been taking turmeric tablets for the past few days.  If you take them, it’s best to add pepper as it assists with absorbsion.There are many benefits to taking turmeric, for well being and diabetes. I have added  a  link below;

Chin up challenge reminder just came on so it time to do pull ups…

Pull-ups ……….done

I’m going to have a choc rum teddy. These guys are lined up just waiting to be eaten.  Kauri’s nowhere to be seen. I don’t think she will miss one …. I think I want to find a mold  for the Chinese terra-cotta  warriors They would make great fat bombs…lol

Dinner tonight was green curry with fish balls and guacamole and 1 egg ..

So much green….. Finished off with some turmeric tablets..

Next week I will add calories to show macros .. I do like a lot of things with KETO app for iPad but i hope the amendments improve it a lot.. I will use calorie king or my fitness pal next week.

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