Day 5

Another day in paradise.

OK, you know the drill. 6:30 Hammer time  ketonix time.

So I’m waiting for it to initialize and while waiting I’m thinking I’m not getting any younger. I do 2 measurements a day so 8 minutes waiting x that by 365 days, so that’s 2920 minutes, divide that by 60 that’s 48.66 hours, and divide that by 24  that’s 2 days of my life gone at the end of this blog .. and saying that my ketonix is ready to use..

My readings are normal range for the morning (green).

As we go on this journey I will mention supplements.

Once the testing done I have 1 apple cider vinegar .. (this I have every morning and evening.)

Training day 

First shoulder workout since my injury and it’s playing in the back of my mind..

I did arm circles small and large,and some rotator cuff warm ups..before hand. Today’s workout as follows;

Seated front press Olympic bar
Weighted pull-ups wide
Skull crushers with Olympic bar
side Lateral raise
Bent over rows,
Rope tri extension 

Workout went well I did use less weights on the shoulder exercises but concentrated time under tension.. I was shaking after the workout. All done in 1 hour. It was intense and draining but done and dusted. You don’t need to be in the gym for hours at a time..

For guys, the more time you put your body under stress you release cortisol and decrease testosterone levels.

First meal of the day..

I think every  Wednesday. Should be waffle day..

My prayers have been answered …..

Waffles, bacon, bulletproof coffee .. I had gone off coffee but today was out of convenience … so a one off.

These are our new chocolate waffles.. Recipe now added ..

We also have a filling made with thickened cream 60g and 1/2 scoop 16g vanilla protein powder


One of the many benefits of  now living in Asia with my Thai wife and  family is the fantastic food.

We made Thai fish cakes, satay skewers, and we made a quick salad and some eggs ..

Light quick refreshing and filling.

 A lot goes on behind the scenes of a blog and this web page ..

Until you do one  you don’t realize how much work is involved ..  My lovely wife and I are testing and re-testing recipes. This afternoon was the  chocolate waffles… and then writing amending and re-checking …


Tonight was roast chicken, stir fry with  tablespoons coconut oil, heaps of chillies, peppercorns, eggplants and more chillies and kaffir lime leaves.

Did I mention chillies…….. 

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