Day 4

I was interested to see how my acetone levels were this morning after going out for dinner last night.

While my meal was Ketogenic my fast was only 14 hours by the time we got home and I had my last lot of fat as fat bombs.

So my acetone reading was higher than usual.

Usually it sits around green with 6-7 flashes..(around 5-7 ppm)  (low reading but mid levels) Today we had yellow reading was 10.7 so mid level .. so 2 x my lower reading.

I am still sore from yesterday’s leg workout so before my first meal I will take my 40 minute walk around the estate to loosen up the hamstrings …

It was nice a slight breeze again this morning as I walked around .
10am First meal..

While we both have a passion for cooking incredible food my lovely wife, Kauri, is a wiz in the kitchen..

And each day we want to show you guys variety as well…

We made chocolate pancakes, blueberries on top with cream filling, washed down with a big cup of cocoa (this recipe will be added tomorrow as we want to see if it can be done as waffles.)


I took a page out of our recipes and made our nut butter cups..

Lunch consisted of 2 boiled eggs, salami, some spiced almonds and 1 butter cup.

I used toffee flavored stevia .. it was really good..(until recently I could not get flavored drops.)

We also ran out of butter so I tried cocoa butter it does work but makes it obviously harder so I’ll stick with the butter on this but it was still awesome .. I’m really happy with this recipe.. from start to finish it only took 30 minutes .. so a quick snack ..

Dangerously good ..

3:30 pm

My reminder goes off chin-up/ pull-up challenge..

all these years I’ve been doing it wrong need to engage the shoulder blades correctly ..

So pull-ups done…


Everybody loves Raymond  Tacos ..

So tonight we made our mince as per recipe the only exception is the cream, and we spice it up with chilli, cumin, garlic and onion powder. The  cheese taco shells are easily done in a non-stick frypan .

Melt 80-100 grams of cheese (we use cheddar.) If using mozzarella it needs to be fully cooked so very brown other wise when you hang it over a pasty roller or rolling pin it drips.

Once the cheese is cool it comes easily off the roller ..

Fill with the mince, home made guacamole, grated cheese and we use either red cabbage shredded..or lettuce and sour cream if preferred.

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