Day 3

Another cool day, cloudy overcast and to top off the trifecta leg

Fist things first measure acetone levels .

The ketonix has 4 flashing leds to indicate the acetone levels (when not plugged into computer you use this as an indication.)

Blue – no ketones or minute levels detected ,

Green – low levels

Yellow – medium

Red – high level

Each color has gradient and is read by how many flashes ,it starts at one and increments up to 10 before going to the next color .

My morning levels are usually green with 6-8 flashes ..( but I measure on the computer so I can log the chart to add at the end of the year ) this mornings reading was 8.1 ppm.

Training day : legs 

Leg day, the 2 words that bring a grown man to tears ..


Bulgarian deadlifts 

Leg extensions

Leg curls 

Seated calve raises..

Abs will be done this afternoon ..


Roman chair

And wood chops.. 

And now the word that brings so much joy… Done..

My first meal of the day ..

The best reward after a workout well usually I have about 1 hour after.

Today we have KETO friendly waffles, a filling of coconut cream mixed with vanilla protein powder (taste like egg custard) washed down with our cocoa..

How can anyone think KETO is boring… it’s not just bacon and eggs people ..I really feel we are the lucky ones we eat like kings …


Today rather than having a shake I thought I would have a pumpkin spiced chia pudding from our recipes.

This is very filling you can top with HWC ( heavy whipping cream)

I also had three large boiled eggs


Tonight we decided to go out.

A rare treat for us we usually cook most our meals.

We went to a local restaurant up the road. This is as traditional as it gets.

I ordered fried fish with fried garlic. There was pork satay, calamari, and tom yum soup..

And Kauri had a beer .. (I had water)


Almonds and 2 Fat bombs

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