Day 32 – First month done

Good morning everyone. Thanks for being a part of my keto journey so far.

Judgement day.

Sit back and relax. This shit’s about to get real!

This morning I did the following measurements;

My weight (I’m only doing it because of the blog),

 My body fat using body calipers and body  measurements.

My body fats down from 10 to 8.42%. I use the Jackson/ Pollock  procudure.. I’m personally happy with a range  between 9-11% bodyfat.

Weight is up 0.65 of a kilogram.( Don’t forget I’m doing maintenance.) I will increase the calories to a surplus of around 6% in a month’s time. I have no set weight as a target as long as I maintain my goal to build a bit more muscle while maintaining a body fat under 10%. While getting my waist down to around the 31/32 inch mark by november 17.

The measurments show how detrimental relying on scales alone can be. I gained weight. But I’ve actually lost 3.2 pounds fat and gained 4.6 pounds muscle ..

I will add blood pressure and glucose readings tomorrow. Unfortunately, with the Ketonix failing I will have to wait for the replacement before I can re document Acetone levels. But that’s life.

One month down, what would I change?


As mentioned earlier I’ll do another month at maintenance. I’m happy with the overall progress over this month. Then increase calories by 6%.


In the beginning  I did take 2 supplements for training and explained why. In retrospect, I would not use BCAA ( branch chan amino acids) as  we get them naturally from food. Creatiine is a personal choice for me. It causes issues. I rather spend this money on better quality food choices.


I’m still a strong believer in nightly fasting and recommend the 16/8 method. This gives you an optimum eating window of 8 hours. While long fasts are promoted, (especially by Dr fung supporters for the benefits of autophagy) this can be done by training as well, and other methods. I might subject my self to another 3-5 fast down the track for the benefit of the group. But I think this is pointless to my goals. I did a 3 day fast. Yes, I lost weight but after it was finished, I ended up gaining more weight than when I started and it took another 3 weeks to get my metabolism back to my pre fasted state .

With everything I’ve read and self tested, I more so believe in Dr Stephen Phinney’s studies on long term fasting and for me his research confirms what I found.


My training has changed this month, more so due to age. Higher reps and less weight.  This gives the added benefits of less stress on the joints while providing the added benefit of cardiovascular workout. Changing my abdominal workouts to my non training days makes sure all my workouts don’t exceed one hour. I must admit not every non training day I have gone for a walk or a run. If anything, that  gave me time to think. (so I’ll may do more walks. You don’t need cardio to get a 6 pack.)


food choices I would not change a thing. It really is what works best for you..I will be going dairy free starting tomorrow, not out of necessity but to explain and show why it may be the difference to weight loss stalls and also gives you a different option when doing the keto lifestyle.

My food choices:


I’m happy with this.

I’ve done a blog  post on fats. We use mainly coconut oil, butter, and olive oil for salads (there’s debate on this for cooking) fatty cuts of meat (for us, pork belly), avocado (locallly grown), fat bombs, eggs and cheese.

There is so much debate on fat bombs. There’s hardcore keto supporters, bacon experiment, dairy free, IIFYM ( if it fits your macros) and so many others. For me fat bombs work. My fat intake is over 260 grams. That’s around 80% of my calories per day. There’s only so much oils and fats you can add to cooking and I’m not chewing on a stick of butter.

Again everyone is different and I respect that but it works for me. There’s no difference adding extra coconut oil to the pan when cooking  or freezing it to make a fat bombs. Yes it has a few drops of stevia. I.need the fats and alot of good quality fats end of story.

Coconut cream, coconut oil play a huge part in our success. Coconut oil is a natural MCT, has a high smoke point and goes great in coffee. If you want to drink it straight (again I’d rather a fat bomb) add some lime.. and stir or shake.


Pork, bacon, chicken, salami are our staples.We also incorporate fried fish and sausages. Beef is an expensive luxury and we don’t have minced beef available.


Such a shame that we have such fantastic fruits in Thailand  but it is what it is. Berries are our fruits and we buy them frozen, high in antioxidants and we again use sparingly .


We use stevia drops, until recent we could only get a stevia blend.Thankfully now I have an option without paying extra tax of getting them delivered, thank you iHerb.

Sometimes we forget it’s not just about the food it’s also what fits into your budget ..That can play a huge part.

A new month ahead. New challenges and new recipes .

But wait there’s more …let’s add today’s food , my last day before going dairy free.

First meal, pancakes with blueberries, chocolate sauce (our recipe will post) and halloumi cheese. I also had a bullet decaf (2 tablespoons of coconut oil, not butter.. shaken not stirred )


Protein : 40

Net carbs : 8.6

Fat : 121.7

Calories: 1256 .

Lunch will be chia pudding. You’ve heard of 50 shades of grey, this is 3 shades of chia.

This really was lovely. It brought back memories of eating Neapolitan ice cream as a kid, the creamy vanilla rich chocolate and the smooth strawberry..You see when chefs talk about tasting food and envoking certain memories this did the trick.In a word, Wow!

Protein: 11.9

Net carbs: 7

Fat: 63.3

Calories: 65988

This afternoon we decided to make pork crackling.

Protein: 13.5

Fat: 16.8

Calories: 204

Dinner tonight was roast chicken with some greens. Sorry for the lack of photos but the internet has been off most the day.

Protein: 39.2

Net carbs: 0.9

Fats: 55

Calories: 656

Thanks again for all the support leading up to our first month.





Day 31

To Sir Bob Geldof, Leg day,  Monday and cranky Grandma. That would be my answer your question ” why I hate Mondays.”

I should be psychic I read people so

Leg day happy dance.

Leg day

Box Squats 4 warm up sets gradually increasing the weight, 4 working sets using reverse pyramid.

Leg extensions 4 sets using the same weight x 20 reps.

Standing calf raise body weight each side 25-30 reps x 5 sets.

Leg curl same weight 4-5 sets x 20 reps.

Another great workout  today.. my legs are jelly .

9:30 and time for a reward. I love our waffles. It really is fantastic to be able to eat like a king on a keto lifestyle.

Everything on this plate is edible, including the flowers..

Including BPC coffee

Protein: 34.6

Net carbs: 6.8

Fat: 84.8

Calories: 920.

Happy days our next order from iHerb just arrived (this is order number 5.) and 2 more on the way..

Going to grab a quick bite. This is so wrong;

Hot salami, 2 strawberries, and 2 rummy bears.

If I get cravings for pickles and keto ice cream I’m in trouble 😉

Protein: 18.2

Net carbs: 3.7

Fat: 50.3g

Calories: 525

Time to go shopping and also mail back the Ketonix as the post office is in the same shopping village so another $5 down the drain.) We buy our  usual keto staples, bacon, eggs, butter, salami ,olives and we bought some ham. We already have chicken and pork belly. Local markets are just down the road so we get fresh vegetables every couple of days. Kauri loves her veggies I just see them as garnish.

This afternoon flew by and before I knew it dinner time.

Roast chicken, green curry and a stir fry with eggs and jalapeño peppers. I also snuck in some halloumi cheese.


Net carbs: 5

Fat: 101


So that’s Day 31 done.

Tomorrow will be my weigh in, and measurements and a reflection on the month that was.

It will be an interesting day .. Night guys 🌙⭐️





Day 30

Did anyone take down the number plate of that truck?

I’m so sore today it really does feel like I’ve been run over, then put into reverse and backed over again. Funny how your body adapts to a style of workout and by changing one aspect of it you can be so sore the next day. This is a good thing, a good kind of sore.

Yesterday must have been one of those days. Reading various posts. The negativity, the rudeness and disrespect and the greed of some spoil it for others. We do use Facebook to get the message out. It’s a shame how the negative or smart-ass remarks cut you deep and these aren’t even my posts.

So I’m disappearing from the groups for a while. I try so hard not to take things personally but when people disrespect others, especially newcomers that don’t know a process or disrespect a group .Well I see RED.

I don’t know it all and never will. There is so much conflicting information and controversy out their even with keto. But saying that, I have great friends and admins that know a lot more than I. While some suggestions work for different applications and might not be reliant to my personal goals I don’t disrespect the information given and I also pass it on. It may be relevant and help someone else… again HELP SOMEONE ELSE. Everyone’s journey is different. After all, this is not only mine but others’ passion. We give up so much of our day to do this to help others the same way Keto has for us. I often wonder these few negative nellies what the hidden agenda is? Is it because you personally didn’t reach your goals, so you put others down to make yourself feel better or more superior .. Nigella had a similar post today, but I’m more up front and to the point. If you have nothing worth saying that contributes to the group,shut the F#<< up. More so leave and do everyone else a big favor.

and done……

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in Thailand. Lovely blue sky, birds chirping and I’m still breathing so depending on your point of view, it’s a good day .Gaylord’s home today which means grandma won’t be yelling, but it will be bottled up so tomorrow it will be worse than normal.. and the cycle repeats for another week .

Luckily today is a rest day for me so I’m doing just that, letting my muscles recuperate for a day before leg day tomorrow.

Only a few days left in the month then we have some excitement.


Weigh -in

And a reflection of the month that was.

Also I have accepted Keto Kop’s dairy free challenge for the month of February. No disrespect for those that struggle with it but I think it will be easy (famous last words.) It comes down to mindset, focus and preparation. It’s the Scorpio in me I’m sure of it.

Kauri will also add Dairy free options to our recipes. These will be posted on our Facebook group as they are done. So I suggest for those reading this, please ask to join and be friends to join the closed group. This will be the only way to get notified for both new recipes and my blog.

Exciting times ahead.

Feed Time

As I will be dairy free in a few days, I thought I would do a pre celebration and have some halloumi cheese with breakfast ..



The halloumi cheese, sausages and eggs with oven roasted tomatoes .. Keto’s such a hard life, I really hate having to eat like this 😛. I did also have a bullet style cocoa. Again, I’m doing maintenance and the reason I give macro/nutritional values is to assist with ideas.

Protein: 77

Net carbs: 2.9

Fat: 146.5

Calories: 1641


Which reminds me of something I read yesterday.

A question was asked bya newbie (well I presume it was  do you track macros and wing it?  Now again, I’m no expert when it comes to Ketosis but I’ve been in the fitness industry a very long time and I think I’m qualified to add my 5 cents worth along with every other 5 minute expert ..

I really wish only admins could answer these questions and the other so called experts could not. It adds confusion and sometimes arguments. I saw so many comments “wing it”. I really wonder how successful these people really are at reaching the goals.. Imagine going through life just winging it ..

Lets put this to the test … How many phases of keto are there? I know Keto Kop, Nigella and myself are excluded as we know this …


Who said 4?

I’ve seen this chart a few times as this is an example. Don’t take the calories as a true measure for everyone. Remember my blog on macros. Everyone is different. I’s not a one size fits all.

Lets open this can of worms for “I wing it.”

The most common posts on keto sites I see every day.

I’ve stalled, gained weight.. scales not moving, disillusioned and gave up.

So tell me how do you know where to start? Have you eaten enough fat? Are your carbs or net carbs low enough? Are you getting enough or taking too much  protein?  I saw this even in my own group. I asked the question are you getting enough protein? I got yes. How much protein are you eating in grams? He didn’t know. It’s nothing against the guy we are here to help but how can we help if we don’t know how much your consuming? At least with macros/calories we have a starting point. If this is correct we then look at other things that may be problematic like dairy, sweeteners, health issues, etc.

While initially it’s a process of adapting and reducing carbs at first and then adjusting your macros, you can’t just wing it and then complain when your results aren’t optimal.

I had the idea of making a vanilla protein shake and turning it into a strawberry chia pudding . So that will be today’s lunch.. It’s 12 pm and  recipes in the fridge chillin’ at the moment.


This was yum! Not much strawberry at all but a lovely dessert.

Protein: 11.8

Net carbs :4.5

Fat: 38.9

Calories: 425

It’s crunch time, literally .. Abdominal crunches, wood choppers ..

Cable crunches  5 sets 25 reps

Wood choppers 6 sets 25 reps

Leg raise with hip thrust 3 sets 15 reps

While it can be argued that you don’t need to train abs, and abs are made in the kitchen, Istill believe they need to be worked ,to give definition. Time will tell.

Dinner tonight was pork belly and a coconut curry..

Really satified ..

Protein: 22

Net carbs: 1.6

Fats: 42

Calories: 474








Dairy Free Chocolate Fat bombs

This may be a great way to sneak vegetable in your fat bombs. We use avocado to substitute the cream. These chocolate fat bombs taste more like dark chocolate with soft texture that melts in your mouth.

Dairy Free Chocolate Fat bombs

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Yield: 4

Serving Size: 1

Calories per serving: 73.8

Fat per serving: 8.2.

Carbs per serving: 0.5.

Protein per serving: 0.4


  1. 15 g mashed avocado
  2. 1 tbs (8 g) cocoa powder
  3. 30 g. virgin coconut oil, melted
  4. Stevia drops to taste
  5. A pinch of salt


  • In a small bowl, combine cocoa powder, avocado and 10 g of coconut oil then mix till you have a thick paste. There should be no lumps of cocoa left.
  • Add salt and stevia (we use 12 drops but put more if you like it sweet.)
  • Add another 10 g of coconut oil and mix well. You need to add a little bit of oil at a time or the mixture won't blend or worse, it will separate.
  • Add the last 10 g of oil and stir it till well combined. The mixture would be runny and glossy. It might look a bit grainy but that's all right because once it's set, the texture will be soft and smooth.
  • Spoon the chocolate mixture into small silicon molds and put in the fridge till set, about an hour or so. You can also stick it in the freezer which would probably takes 20 minutes to set.
  • Unmold and enjoy.


This recipe makes 4-6 fat bombs depending on your molds.

Day 29

Happy Chinese New Year!

Even though I’m in Thailand grandma is Chinese, traditionally today is a day of rest (everyday for her is a day of rest.) So that makes today’s blog easy.

Have a great day I’m done……Lol


OK, I’m back, like I was going to leave you hanging. It might be a day of rest for some but Gaylord gave the maid the day off so Kauri’s resuming the duties of cooking, etc.. so I’m helping out (or hindering her depending on your point of view.)

Today is training Day.

I’ve stated in the past Saturday is my first workout of the week. Saturday, Monday, Wednesday (that way if we go away mid week we don’t pay weekend rates… smart, hey ?)

The exercises are 4 sets of 20 reps. Once you are able to do this on all of the sets for the exercise increase the weighted the next range.

Bench press

Incline Flyes

Barbell curls

Decline press

Bent over flyes

Concntration  curls

I really love this workout it’s intense, and it kicked my butt again today.

Each set you must get 20 repetitions, if you make it to 10, stop for 10 seconds and continue. Keep going until you get to 20, rest for 1-1 1/2 minutes and repeat .

Breakfast is my post workout favorite. Waffles, with thickened cream/protein powder filling and bullet style cocoa.

Protein: 54.6

Net carbs: 11.3

Fat: 1199

Calories: 1199

Last night we had an idea when cooking some pumpkin, these would make a great chocolate. Thais make a great pumpkin dessert it’s actually my favorite dessert of all time. Today our new recipe is born Theresa’s Pumpkin infused fat bombs.

These tasted fantastic. No pumpkin taste whatsoever.

Lunch was something special it was food porn at its best. Full credit to Kauri on this one .

Pork belly on a bed of spinach.

Protein: 21.2

Net carbs: o.9

Fats: 29.1

Calories: 356

This afternoon I was helping Kauri around the house so we didn’t get much else done. I read a few posts, responded to a few emails, but what was cool is one group let me advertise for our i-Stayfit Facebook page so today we have a few more people in our keto family. Im really excited about it.

It’s dinner time. I’m going to have some more pork belly and some green beans, and some coconut curry. And I tried the pumpkin chocolate ( these were good.) So with dinner done and the washing up finished. Time to close this shop for the night, and add the chocolate fat bombs recipe to our blog. That done, it will be time to sit back and watch some bad movie with Kauri.